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'Lord, I want to love everybody in my heart'
'I climbed the stairs that led me to your front door'
'I'd never been to Ayrshire; I hitched down one Saturday'
'She held my old philosophy; now I'm destroyed by love'
'I can say 'Saskatchewan' without starting to stutter'
'And printed in the paper, for Pisces it did say...'
'I'll thank him for his work, and your birth, and my birth'
'All I do know is I love you and I want you to be happy'
'But we left the book of love signed in blood on every page'
'You can tell it to the birds; I'll tell the bees'
'I'm just gonna have to learn to hesitate'
'To help us kick the life back to a dying mutual friend'
'I'll pass almost every penny on to you'
'You can get a cat as long as it barks'
'Doctors face said the time had come'

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