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The West American dialect is the most normal (True/False)
In ebonics, consonants sometimes disappear, s and t sounds disappear, and the letter o is not pronounced (True/False)
Slang was created by poor people (True/False)
If you are calling someone Dr. or Mr. it is a(n) ___________
Obscenity refers to ______________
Insulting people based on gender is called ____________
Name an American regional dialect
Which of the following goes through an entire society? (Slang/Jargon)
When/where did surnames change?
A persons use of space to separate themselves from someone is ______________
Nonverbal communication did not become widely popular until the 1990's (True/False)
When you take most of a word off it is a(n) ______________
Instinctive body language is body language which you do without thinking about it and is natural (True/False)
Methods used to convince people to buy a product are called
Products are targeted to specific audiences because there is no way to target everybody (True/False)
When comparing British and American English, American spelling is much ____________ (easier/harder)
A word or phrase that excludes certain groups of people is ________
Dialects are created when two groups merge (True/False)
In one word describe the reason Surnames began to be used? (Think about government)
The roots of racism are from social observation (True/False)
Advertising has been around since the dawn of man (True/False)
Profanity exists in every language (True/False)
Name an Anglo-Saxon group
Calling other races bad names to make people feel better about themselves is called __________
Profanity directly insults ______________
Name one reason people used a certain Surname
Name one way how words are created (there are 8)
The way people speak in a certain region is a __________
Body language like sign language is known as ______________ body language
Body language used in groups is known as ____________ body language
Language that does not offend anyone is considered _____________
The study of body language is known as _____________
Gobbledegook is a type of ____________, because it goes through a group
Euphemism is usually vague in description (True/False)
When a word it shortened it is called a(n) ______________
The surname 'Smith' came from... (think of how people came up with surnames)
What is one reason why places are named a certain thing
Gobbledegook was a term coined by Maury Maverick in 1944 (True/False)
When a word is comprised of several words all put together by the first letter of each word it is a(n) ____________
Slang is long lived (True/False)
What is the process of creating new words called?
Jargon, once it becomes slang, is no longer jargon (True/False)
Slang adopts to all different cultures (True/False)
Which of the following is not a difference between British and American english: Pronunciation, Spelling, Verb conjugation, Terminology
Who blended the English language with Germainic languages after his conquering of England?
Politically correct language can also be a type of _____________
A substitution for a bad term is called ________________
The study of African American dialects
Most words in the English language are derived from what language?

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