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Queen during the spanish armada takeover and sister of Mart I
The best known Muslim traveler who had government positions all across Africa and India
people born of Indigenous and African parents
'Bloody mary' who was the Queen of Scots
The Queen for 12 days who was executed
Figured our how to polish lenses, heavens and Earth are imperfect, universe all follows the same set of laws
Basic units of Mexica society
The Mexica ruler who worked with Itzcóatl to take over Oaxaca
The gay king where the house of Tudor and Stewart connect
The Chinese explorer who lead naval expeditions under the emperor Yongle
A venetian traveler who visited China and told Europe of its glory
Term for spanish settlers
promoted voyages of exploration in west Africa to get into the gold trade
An indian group established in the forests east of the Mississippi River
Married to Elizabeth of York and he beginning of the Tudor Line
he most important philosophe who wrote 130 books
Said universe was geocentric with Earth at the center and it was round, planets and sun went in perfect circles
The final Aztec ruler who ruled when the Spanish invaders arrived
The Portuguese mariner who took a fleet to Calicut in India
A tribe in the highlands around Lake Titicaca
One part of the Aztec Empire with leaders like Monteczuma
The way sailers got from the Canary islands until they reached portugal
bible is the sole authority, stressed personal relationship with God rather then church
Sponsored a series of voyages down the west african coast
the language spoken by the Mexica
Led expeditions into the Pacific and died in a fight with indigenous Hawaiians
A nestorian christian who wanted to get Europes support for the Ilkhan
Wanted to find a shortcut around the world and ended up circumnavigating it
migrants born in Europe
Mixed society in general
One of the indian tribes of North America who lived in the New Mexico region
The largest surviving structure of Native American indians near St. Louis
Helped Cortés conquer the Aztecs
wrote Emily
A large empire who took over the Andes Mountains
Creator of the universe according to the Incas
Dominated the Peruvian coast before the Incas came
Lord Chancellor, science was power, used inductive reasoning
wrote Wealth of Nations and said government served 2 functions; Protection and Public works
Spanish nobleman who survived and eventually found his way to Mexico
'the feathered serpent' god of the mexica, supported arts, crafts and agriculture
The estate, or plantation, from which Spanish food was grown
The civilization Mexica became a part of
Nature loves simplicity' and created the laws of planetary motion
wrote 'Praise of Folly' which criticized church
The commander of Portugese forces in the Indian Ocean during the early sixteenth century
The mnemonic aid Inca people used to keep track of their responsibilities
aristocrat who realized France is not good, predicted revolution way before it happened, wrote Spirit of the Laws, government was his main topic
The center of the Inca empire
The main trade center in the Indian ocean
Son of Henry VII who became king after him
Daughter of Catherine of Aragon who was Queen after Edward VI
Polish priest, went to the best university at Pagua, knew Ptolemy was incorrect, wrote 'Revolutions of Heavenly Bodies'
Portugese mariner in Brazil who increased his countries interest in Brazil
The king after Henry VII, and his son
Followers of Wyclif
Basic units of the Inca society
Humanist who went around Europe searching for classical works
'the smoking mirror' god of the Mexica, give and took life
used deductive reasoning, wrote 'Discourse on Method', invented grids and advanced algebra,
A 'closet catholic' who took the throne after Charles I
said he world is made of sin and no sin, God is pushing everything and making things go
Challenged the church and wrote the 95 theses
The major Inca deity
The Inca ruler who launched military campaigns to expand Inca authority
The explorer who first colonized America for Europe
Took over the Inca empire for the Spanish
Spread the word of Luthers teachings
Took over the Aztec empire for the Spanish
found the answers to questions by finding laws of physics, invented calculus, was very religious, imagined how motion worked off of Earth, wrote 'Principia Mathematica'

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