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QUIZ: Can you name the CSI NY - Name the things correctly?

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 M_c T_y_o_
 S_e_l_ B_n_s_r_
 D_n_y M_s_r
 L_n_s_y M_n_o_ - M_s_r
 D_n F_a_c__
 J_ D_n_i_l_
 S_e_d_n H_w_e_
 A_a_ R_s_
 A_d_n B_r_
 S_d H_m_e_b_c_
 Gary Sinise
 Jo Danville
 Lindsay Monroe-Messer
 Sid Hammerback
 Stella Bonasera
 Aiden Burn
 Lindsay Monroe-Messer
 Danny Messer
 His Creepy Place
 English Accent
 What's up
 Mac Taylor
 Stella Bonasera
 Lindsay Monroe-Messer
 Adam Ross
 So, you have no problem using me as a drug mule?
 Two years. Every year as a cop is two human years.
 Mac, you always tell the guys to use their heads, not their hearts.
 Three dead bodies isn't the kind of buzz you wanted
 Black and White dress
 Full Black suit
 Snake shirt

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