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Can you name the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Characters?

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Joel HodgsonOriginal captive. Not too different from you or me.
Michael J. NelsonReplacement captive. Just a regular joe they didn't like.
Trace Beaulieu/Bill Corbett (Voice and puppetry)Wisecracking robot/golden spider duck. Wrote spec scripts.
Josh Weinstein/Kevin Murphy (Voice and puppetry)Cool guy robot/squat crimson pig. Collected underpants.
Jim Mallon/Patrick Brantseg (Voice and puppetry)Purple robot who runs the ship's 'higher functions.' Gets a lot smarter as the show goes on.
NobodyRobot that appears only in the opening credits. Shoots the action but doesn't say much.
Various (Voice)Disembodied voice and announcer of 'commercial sign.' Rarely heard from in later years.
Various (Voice and puppetry)Microscopic robots. Vary between extremely helpful and extremely useless.
Josh WeinsteinOne of the original mad scientists. Wasn't around for long.
Trace BeaulieuOriginal and long-running mad scientist. Hatcher of evil schemes. Had a lot of issues.
Played byCharacterHint
Frank ConniffMad scientist's assistant. Pushed the button, died a lot.
Mary Jo PehlMad scientist's mother-turned-successor. Just an evil gal who wanted to rule the world.
Kevin MurphyLarge ape and assistant to evil gal above. Despite his original profession, not very bright. Smelled.
Bill CorbettPasty assistant to evil gal above. Carried his brain in a pan and claimed to be all-powerful. Wasn't.
VariousMole-person couple. Neighbors/camera operators to the mad scientists. Very quiet.
Michael J. NelsonFrequent guest with big knees and a speech impediment. Looks after the place while the Master is away.
Paul ChaplinOccasional guest and devilish archenemy of Santa Claus, apparently. Likes to, umm, dance.
Bridget Nelson (nee Jones)Occasional guest and enthusiastic, androgynous, unsettling spirit of music.
Michael J. NelsonOccasional guest and introduction man. An actual person, sort of.

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