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Science and Medicine
Subatomic particle that has no net electrical charge 
An organism whose cells contain a nucleus (like you) 
Cancer of the blood or bone marrow 
Literally 'false foot,' this is what an amoeba uses to move. 
A common inflammatory lung disease; the leading cause of death among the elderly 
The use of pressurized gas to create mechanical motion 
Also called the auditory tube, this connects the middle ear to the throat 
Along with glial cells, these cells compose the mass of the brain 
Word describing a pH of exactly 7 
Austrian psychiatrist famed for his theories of the unconscious mind and developing the technique of psychoanalysis 
Sports and Entertainment
1984 Academy Award winner for Best Picture, starring F. Murray Abraham and Tom Hulce 
A 40-40 tie in a game of tennis 
Annual international song contest whose former winners include ABBA and Celine Dion. 
1981 film, adapted from a novel of the same name, starring Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons. 
Long-running American game show originally hosted by Richard Dawson 
Brass instrument similar to a baritone horn 
1984 'cyperpunk' science-fiction novel by William Gibson 
2006 adventure-comedy starring Ben Stiller 
Symbol of the French monarchy, or the New Orleans Saints 
Fictional mascot and cover boy of MAD Magazine 
Large French car maker that bought out Citro├źn in 1974 
A detective, especially in works of fiction 
The king of the gods in Greek mythology 
Ancient Greek mathematician; the 'father of geometry' 
Endonym (name used by native speakers) of Germany 
The act of coming together again; your family or high school may hold one 
Cheese cultured with mold, popular as a dip or salad dressing 
Famous writer of ancient Greek tragedies, such as 'Medea' 
Reduce, _______, Recycle 
Literally 'god from the machine,' any suddenly introduced plot device that resolves all or most of the problems in a story. 

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