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How well do you know the series, of Orphan black?

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Who is the fist clone we meet?
Who is the emotional woman we see kill herself?
Who is Beth's boyfriend?
Who is the clone who grew up in Ukraine?
Who is the scientist?
What is the name of the first episode in season one?
What colour are the second lot of clone phones?
Who is Sarah manning's foster brother?
What is Alison's daughter called?
Where does Dr.Leekie work?
Who does Helena kill at the end of season 2?
How many clone's does Paul have in his belt?
How much money was in Beth's account?
What is the first rule of clone club?
Who is Sarah's birth mother?
Who looked after Kira when Sarah couldn't?
What room was Marc and Gracie in, in season 3?
Who is Sarah manning's abusive ex boyfriend?
Who is the funeral held for?
How did Rachel loose her eye?
Who is Kira's Father?
What causes Alison to fall off the stage?
What is Alison's play called?
What does Kira do when Sarah is talking to Cal about Cozima's Disease?
What do Cal, Kira and Sarah play in the new house?
What causes the police officer to become suspicious at Cal's house?
What are the boy clones called?
Who is the original castor clone?
Who is Helena's boyfriend?
What does Jesse offer Helena at the bar?
What does Felix call Paul?
What is in the tank that Helena carries around?
How does Rachel kidnap Kira?
What are Felix's painting's of Sarah called?
What is Beth?
What does Sarah do to get out of the conference?
Sarah says to Paul 'They rock' Who?
Who is Beth's partner?
Where does Kira go with Cal?
Who is Cosima's Girlfriend in season 3?

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