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Who plays Clary?
What Mtv show has Clary also appeared on that is no longer running?
Clary is related to Dinsey. Do you know what her mother's wicked name is? (Hopefully she doesn't steal your voice)
Who plays Jace?
Which Tv show does Jace's real life girlfriend star in?
Jace's eyes are special. Do you know what the condition is called?
Who plays Alec?
Alec isnt the only one in his family with powers. Who does his real life sister star as in the Percy Jackson series?
What other dark haired beauty stole Alec's heart when he was a doorman for the movie Naomi and Ely's No Kiss List?
Who plays Magnus?
Which dance happy teen does Magnus play in Glee?
Magnus shares his name with a big time VP of a major company. What's the company?

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