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When was MSU founded?
What NHL team has won the most Stanley Cups?
3 Movies have won 11 Academy Awards in a year. Name one
What 1999 comedy was filmed on MSU's campus?
In all time NHL points, who is the highest ranked American-born player?
Who won best picture in 2010?
What MSU program is now the largest in the nation?
Name an MLB player in the 40/40 club (40 steals, 40 HR in the same year; there's 4 of them)
Name a famous rapper who owns a chain of sportsbars and lounges called the 40/40 club
Name one celebrity to host the Oscars since 2003
Name one of the two graduate programs at MSU to be ranked #1 in the nation
What country has won the most FIFA World Cups? (5)
Name one of the top 5 all-time selling video games
Where is the Academy Awards hosted?
Who did MSU play (men's basketball) in the highest rated college basketball game ever?
Who is on the cover of NHL 11 (video game)?
Avatar was nominated for 9 Academy Awards. How many did it win?
Name two box office busters produced by former Spartans
Which former Dallas Cowboy is the leader in NFL all-time rushing yards?
How many train tracks cross MSU's campus?

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