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QUIZ: Can you name the Family Guy?

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Do you think you know family guy?
Main character - dad
Mom - wife
Eldest child - daughter
Youngest child - son
Middle aged child - son
Next door neighbour - in a wheelchair
^His wife
There daughter
There dead son
The black guy - he moved
^ Ex wife
His new wife
The old pervert
The griffins dog
The place where the guys go to drink
The pharmacy owner
^ His wife
Stewies half brother - evil
News reporter - main guy
News reporter - main lady (before she dies)
Do you think you know family guy?
Lois's dad
Lois's mum
Lois's brother
Lois's sister
Peter's step dad - dead
Peter's real dad
Mayor of quahog
Black news reporter
Asian reporter
Lives in Chris's closet
Brian's cousin
Brian's mother
Brian's father
Ohhh noo
Fights with peter alot
Stewie's teddy bear
We first meet in a music shop
^ His dad
Local shop owner

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