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Can you name the facts about Spinal Tap?

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The film-maker and director
...played by
What he shoots a lot of
He was knocked out by Spinal Tap's 'exuberance, their raw power - and their...
The band's initial name
...soon changed to
...and then
...who had a hit with this song
Their first drummer
...who died in
Spinal Tap's first hit
The band's guitarist and main vocalist
...played by
'Saint Hubbins was the patron saint of...
His girlfriend
The band's lead guitarist
...played by
His trademark is...
He's writing a classical piece in...
... and it's called...
His amplifiers...
The band's bassist
...played by
The only piece we know he wrote
He views his role in the band as 'kind of like...
Their keyboardist at the time of filming
Their drummer at the time of filming
...who died when he
Their manager
...who carries this everywhere
The band was described as 'treading water in a sea of...
Their American tour was in support of the album...
...which was released on
...and featured the single
...and was released with a cover of this colour
The tour's first cancelled gig was in...
'The best production value (they) ever had on stage'
...wrecked by a monument this high
Tufnel quits after a show at...
...meaning Savage has to play bass on...
'I'm sure I'd feel much worse if I weren't under...
The duo end the tour in...
St Hubbins and Smalls' proposed musical
He returns after the band has a hit in Japan with...
...and joins them on stage for this song
Their drummer on the Japanese tour

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