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PlotSong Title - Artist
A young rocker on his way to a concert collides with an oncoming truck.
A winter shipwreck cryonically preserves a sailor for 100 years, who is then revived through modern technology.
A woman's inability to experience a male orgasm causes her to suggest that the sexes should temporarily switch places.
A lover's emotions for his significant other are expressed through a desire to march excessive distances.
A clown in a Russian circus captures the heart of an American tourist family.
A wanderer stuck in winter weather pines for the warmth of a western state.
A man is given a week to convince his girlfriend that he is the superior of her two lovers.
A young conscript urges his lover to meet him one final time before his departure for the front lines.
A box of memorabilia sparks nostalgia on the part of a former idealist whose hopes were dashed by AIDS.
A crippled boy beats an incredibly experienced player at his own game.
PlotSong Title - Artist
A large budget, high self confidence and female attraction contribute to the high-fashion choices of a male.
A student's disdain for the opening of the week leads to a massacre.
A dejected man finds his only source of pride in his hand-built Chevrolet, which he uses for gambling.
A man's careful efforts to not reveal his philandering backfire when he finds that his wife has been doing much the same.
A young performer and his mononymic friend dream of the happiness sure to come with success and fame.
An apartment-dwelling woman is assaulted by a sneaky attacker.
A canary-shaped nightlight reflects on its long servitude and friendliness.
An escaped convict hides inside the shell of a Japanese automaton in order to evade detection.
A man's attempts to escape surgery are proved in vain as he ultimately undergoes (and views) the procedure.
A young man's idealistic fawning over a girl causes him to repeatedly spout nonsense syllables.

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