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PlotSong TitleArtist
A young medical student slaughters his girlfriend, his teacher and then the judge who is trying him.The Beatles
A young man discovers a guitar in a cave, learns to play it, and then kills himself. War results.Rush
A madman plots revenge on a repressive society by way of a transatlantic coup d'état.Leonard Cohen
A Jamaican prostitute makes a living in New York City.Elton John
A man's girlfriend leaves him in a callous fashion; suicide will soon result.The Police
A shipwreck on a Great Lake takes the lives of 29 men.Gordon Lightfoot
A dejected man turns to television and begins to think the characters are his friends.Genesis
A girl's pregnancy causes parental consternation.Madonna
A well-known drug research advocate and psychologist dies. Maybe.The Moody Blues
A long-suffering protagonist's life is changed by a ride on a riverboat.Ike and Tina Turner
PlotSong TitleArtist
A lover attempts to excuse his emotional absence through promises of mental concern.Willie Nelson
A space traveller fails to account for time dilation and finds his family and friends dead upon return.Queen
An American insurrection causes disappointment on the part of a potential nightclub patron.Talking Heads
A frustrated teenager laments his inability to find a job, a car or the vote.Eddie Cochran
A man seeks assistance by telephone in finding a former lover.Jim Croce
A young love is built on a British motorcycle and ended by a shot in the chest gained during a robbery.Richard Thompson
A man watches his life chug away on a metaphorical train.Jethro Tull
An inexperienced traveller reflects on his inability to tear himself away from his girlfriend and visit another continent.Toto
A father's unconventional name for his son leads to a life of mockery.Johnny Cash
A man seeking full commitment promises to never let go of, neglect or cheat on his lover.(withheld)

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