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Can you name the facts about the original 'Highlander' film?

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'Here we are, born to be kings, we're the...
The main character
...who goes by this name
...and is played by
We meet him at one of these
'You talk funny, Nash. Where you from?'
He is...
...and can only be killed by
...which results in this transfer of power to the killer he always carries this for self-defense
...although tradition dictates he can't use it here
'If it came down to us two, would you...
His trainer
...whose sword comes from this country
...and is played by
'We are the same, MacLeod! We are...
'I cannot swim, you...
His first love
What his trainer insists he do about her
His second love
...played by
She works for this organisation
...which spends the film looking for one of these
'Don't say anything about sword fights or...
His mortal enemy
...who registers at his motel as
...and is played by
'How do you fight such a savage?'
One of the film's two main settings
...and the other
Why men like Nash are coming to the first location
Nash's business there
...assisted by this companion
...who he rescued from these people
The song playing as the enemy drives to his final battle
Where the battle takes place
What the winner receives
'You have power beyond imagination. Use it well, my friend. ...
The film's director
The band who composed the film's songs
Oh, and as long as we're here... how many can there be?

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