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Can you name the Oscars Best Picture Nominees 2000-2009?

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Leonardo Dicaprio*2006
Michael Douglas2000
Paul Giamatti2004
Michael Stuhlbarg2009
Ewan Mcgregor2001
Johnny Depp2004
Eric Bana2005
Renee Zellweger*2002
Leonardo Dicaprio2002
Ken Watanabe2006
Sean Penn2008
Leonardo Dicaprio2004
Carey Mulligan2009
Sam Worthington2009
Heath Ledger2005
Kiera Knightley2007
David Strathairn2005
Edward Anser2009
Sean Penn2003
Dev Patel*2008
Clint Eastwood*2004
Gabourey Sidibe2009
Elijah Wood*2003
Sharlto Copley2009
Chow Yun-Fat2000
Daniel Day Lewis2007
Frank Langella2008
Jeremy Renner2009
Phillip Seymour Hoffman2005
Russell Crowe2003
Sissy Spacek2001
Tommy Lee Jones*2007
Russell Crowe*2000
Kate Winslet2008
Adrien Brody2002
Brad Pitt2009
Sandra Bullock2009
George Clooney2009
Sandra Bullock*2005
Russell Crowe*2001
George Clooney2007
Elijah Wood2002
Elijah Wood2001
Greg Kinnear2006
Juliette Binoche2000
Bill Murray2003
Tobey Maguire2003
Eileen Atkins2001
Ellen Page2007
Brad Pitt2008
Brad Pitt2006
Helen Miren2006
Julia Roberts2000
Jamie Foxx2004
Nicole Kidman2002

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