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Can you name the movies from 1970-present in the national film registry?

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1970Donald Sutherland
1970Jack Nicholson
1970George C. Scott
1971George C. Scott
1971Timothy Bottoms
1971Richard Roundtree
1971Gene Hackman
1971Ruth Gordon
1972Marlon Brando
1972Liza Minnelli
1972Jon Voight
1972Danny DeVito
1973Martin Sheen
1973Richard Dreyfuss
1973Harvey Keitel
1973Bruce Lee
1973Paul Newman
1974Gena Rowlands
1974Jack Nicholson
1974Al Pacino
1974Gene Hackman
1974Gene Wilder
1974Cleavon Little
1975Ned Beatty
1975Jack Nicholson
1975Roy Scheider
1975Tim Curry
1975Al Pacino
1976Robert DeNiro
1976Clint Eastwood
1976Faye Dunaway
1976Sylvestor Stallone
1977Mark Hamill
1977Henry G. Sanders
1977Woody Allen
1977Jack Nance
1977Richard Dreyfuss
1978Robert DeNiro
1978John Belushi
1978Jamie Lee Curtis
1978Richard Gere
1979Marlon Brando
1979Woody Allen
1979Roy Schieder
1979Kelly Reno
1979Tom Skerritt
1979Jim Henson
1980Rober DeNiro
1980Bruce Macdonald
1980Burt Lancaster
1981Harrison Ford
1982Harrison Ford
1982Henry Thomas
1982Wood Moy
1982Dustin Hoffman
1982Sean Penn
1983Zaide Silvia Gutierrez
1984Rob Reiner
1984John Lurie
1984Arnold Schwarzenegger
1985Michael J. Fox
1986Gene Hackman
1989Spike Lee
1989James Spader
1990Ray Liotta
1990Kevin Costner
1991Cuba Gooding Jr.
1991Robby Benson
1992Cora Lee Day
1992Clint Eastwood
1993Liam Neeson
1993Bull Murray
1995Tom Hanks
1996Frances McDormand

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