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Can you name the Star Wars Characters from the current canon?

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Description Name
The astromech
Friend and mentor
Brother to anakin
Son of the man who created the stormtrooper army, had a bigger role in the clone wars tv series
Anakin's student
His daughter
Mother of Luke and Leia
His mother
Before he became the legendary Sith
Little teddy-bear like alien from endor
Captain of the Millennium Falcon
Had a double ended light saber, returns in the Clone Wars tv series
Only seen in Star Wars Rebels
Played by Samuel L. Jackson
Iconic sith
Dies on the death star
Description Name
New Villain
The protocol droid
We dare not say his name and we try to forget about him. Why George Lucas Why
He came before Darth Vader, had larger role in the clone wars the series
Scavenger from Jakku
The man responsible for creating the clone/stormtrooper arm. Gets killed by Samuel L. Jackson
His son
900 year old little green Jedi from an unknown alien race
Maul's brother
New hero
The legendary Sith Lord
Sister to anakin, wife to owen
Not a Sith, but a robot who takes lightsabers from dead Jedi. Has a bigger role in the clone wars tv series
Played by Liam Nesson

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