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The killers/creatures/antagonistsThe film they came from The hint for the title of the movie for
Creatures from another dimension Another movie based on a steven king story
Apartment Zombies Spanish found footage horror zombie movie about a news team and firemen stuck in an apartment filled with a new breed of zombies. Remade as Quarantine in 2008.
Cave DwellersThis is one is hard as you will have to fall down into a cave ino order to make the...
Rottweiler Cyborg dog. Spanish horror sci-fi film from 2004
Dinocroc Cloned prehistoric crocodile. Syfy channel original movie from 2004
New Founding Fathers of America One night a year all crime is legal for 12 hours
Jason VoorheesReboot/Remake
Carrie Based on a steven king story about a bullied girl who gets pyshokinetic powers and kills everyone at prom
RavensSound crows and ravens make
YautjaAnother name for hunter
Zombies First film that brought zombies to mainstream Hollywood
CharlieBased on the Internet sensation
Freddy Krueger First film
Gryphon Myhtical Creature half eagle/half lion. Syfy channel original movie from 2007
TobyThe Demon
The ThingDon't even know what this is alien race is
nosferatuThe very first film vampire
Death No accidents. No coincidences. No escape. You can't cheat death.
BathshebaWitch/Demon who makes mothers kill their children if they ever live on her taken land
AliensA military air base that is supposedly keeping alien spaceships there
Leprechaun 'I need my gold!!!'
The killers/creatures/antagonistsThe film they came from The hint for the title of the movie for
XenomorphAnother name for extraterrestrial
The womanHas Daniel Radcliffe in it. Black
The GreysType of aliens who abduct people for reasons unknown
The demonOnce you get it, you must keep moving or you die
Komodo DragonsFirst part of their name
Baguul Ancient demon who takes the child of whoever sees him
PazuzuDemon who possessed Regan MacNeil
SmilodonAnother name for Smilodon. Scientific name Smilodon Fatalis. A SyFy channel original movie from 2002. Often called the ...tiger or
Norman BatesHe owns the motel, remember the famous shower scene
Giant Crocodile Based on the true story of Gustave, a 6 meter, 1 tonne giant, man-eating crocodile in Burundi.
Cursed ZombiesNorwegian Horror/Comedy with zombies
Ghostface 'What's your favorite scary movie?'
Bruce The shark
Headless HorsemanMan with no head
Jigsaw'I want to play a game?'
LeatherfaceWhere the Dallas Cowboys from? What is used to cut down trees faster? When tons of people die?
CreeperListen to the song
Michael MyersFilm title is the basically the name of the holiday
KatieThe woman who gets possessed by a demon
PhantomOld classic
The demon and the board The board you use to call up spirits with
The killers/creatures/antagonistsThe film they came from The hint for the title of the movie for
PennywiseKiller Clown
Hannibal Lecter'Good evening, Clarice.'
Tyrannosaurus Rex and DeinonychusReleased 4 weeks before Jurassic Park and is considered a mockbuster
Poltergeist 'They're here'
DraculaHis name
Book of the dead and deadites'Groovy'
abnormally large reticulated python First in a series about giant snakes. 2000 film
Ginger Fitzgerald First one in a series. From 2000. A werewolf movie
ChuckyCreepy doll movie
LauraAnother way to say unfollow
The grandparentsHorror/Comedy
Whose ever holding these tapesCame before DVD
Annabelle Another creepy doll movie. Prequel/spinoff to the conjuring
GraboidsAnother name for earthquake
Mutant Tongue-eating LouseForm of a body of water
Dogs Another way of saying the type of dog
Wolfman The first film werewolf
Frankenstein's Monster Named after the man who created him
VampiresSubtract 1 from 31. And we go through put it together
CujoHis name
Pinhead Raising hell

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