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#1 popular dog breed. Can come in yellow, black and brown. Think Marley and Me
Working. 6 colors all involving white. Medium sized. High energy. Quick and light on their feet. Loyal, outgoing, michevious.
Terrier. 3 colors. Smart, obedient, friendly. Is a robust active dog. Resembles their larger cousin.
Hound. 12 colors. Spunky, curious, friendly. Medium energy. Small size, long body. Good nose for hunting.
Working. 4 colors. Alert, loyal, fearless. Compactly built, muscular and powerful for great endurance and speed.
Non-sporting. 10 colors. Proud, active, very smart. Excellent swimmers
Non-sporting. 10 colors. Calm, courageous, friendly. Originated in the British Isles. They got their name from connections with bullbaiting.
Closely related to wolves. Was the house pet of the Ming Dynasty. Al last went extinct with 14 of them remaining after communism took over China.
Sporting. 3 colors. Devoted, friendly, intelligent. Used in field trails, hunting, obedience and guide dogs for the blind.
Sporting. 8 colors. Friendly, smart, willing to please. Versatile hunter, High performance in field and water. High energy. Short hair but sheds.
Working. 2 colors. Fun-loving, bright, active. First breeds selected in Germany for police training.
Toy. 9 colors. Graceful, charming, sassy. Swift moving compact little dog.
Hound. 11 color varieties. Curious, friendly, merry. Excellent hunting dogs and loyal companions
#2 popular dog breed. Very intelligent, serves in military and police services
Working. 4 colors. Loving, loyal, confident guardian, affectionate with owners, powerful.
Toy. 4 colors. Sprightly, tomboyish, affectionate. Originally belonged to the working class, specially the weavers. They became a fashionable pet in the late Victorian era.

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