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Can you identify the baseball player from a notable moment or achievement in his career?

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After hitting .117 for the A's in 1937, he received permission to join the NFL, where he became a Hall of Fame quarterback for the NFL Brooklyn Dodgers.
This Indians pitcher died of tuberculous meningitis in 1911, leading to a near strike when his teammates were initially refused a day off to attend his funeral.
In Game 7 of the 2014 World Series, this Royals player reached third on a single but stopped there, and was stranded on third as the Royals lost by one run.
Despite never having pitched in his life, this man pitched one game for the Tigers in 1912 because the regular team was on strike. He gave up an AL-record 24 runs.
In 1975, arbitrator Peter Seitz ruled that these two pitchers could sign for other teams after their contracts expired, ending baseball's reserve clause. Name either player.
In 2010, this Tigers pitcher threw 9.2 perfect innings but was deprived of a perfect game when umpire Jim Joyce incorrectly called Jason Donald safe at first.
In August 2007, this player hit his 756th home run to break the major league record, though his achievement was overshadowed by his alleged steroid use.
In Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, this Red Sox first baseman let a ground ball go between his legs, allowing the Mets to score the winning run.
In July 2003, this Red Sox player became the only person to hit grand slams from both sides of the plate in the same game.
In Game 5 of the 1920 World Series, this Indians player completed the only unassisted triple play in World Series history.
In 1967, this player got a complete game victory in Game 7 of a World Series for the second time in his career.
In August 1990, this Athletics pitcher became the last person to win 25 games in a season.
In 1992, this man became the first third-generation MLB player.
In Game 6 of the 2004 ALCS, Alex Rodriguez slapped the ball out of this pitcher's glove as the pitcher was trying to tag him. A-Rod was called out for interference.
When this player retired in 1934, he was the last player legally permitted to throw a spitball.
On September 6, 1995, this man appeared in his 2131st consecutive game, breaking Lou Gehrig's seemingly unbeatable record.
On August 16, 1920, this pitcher threw a pitch that caused the only on-field fatal injury in MLB history.
In the Red Sox's final game of the 1967 season, they beat the Twins 5-3 to clinch the AL pennant by one game, and this man clinched the Triple Crown.
In 1884, this Providence Grays pitcher won either 59 or 60 games, setting an unbreakable record.
In the 1905 World Series, this Giants pitcher threw three complete-game shutouts in six days.
In 1923, this pitcher was supposedly bitten in the butt by his own false teeth, which he kept in his back pocket, while he was running the bases.
In Game 4 of the 1947 World Series, Yankee pitcher Bill Bevens was one out away from a no-hitter when this Dodger hit a walk-off double.
On September 22, 1911, this player got his 511th and last win, an unbreakable record.
When this pitcher's MLB career ended in 1962 after 36 games, his Hall of Fame NBA career with the Pistons and Knicks was just beginning.
While warming up during a 1983 game, this player accidentally killed a seagull with a throw and was charged with cruelty to animals.
In 1994, this future Football Hall of Famer became the only person to play in a Super Bowl and a World Series (which he did in 1992).
In the 2001 ALDS, this Yankee shortstop made a spectacular backhanded flip to Jorge Posada to retire Jason Giambi.
He was the national college basketball player of the year and was picked third in the 1952 NBA Draft, but had much more professional success in baseball, mostly with the Pirates.
In Game 5 of the 1956 World Series, this Yankee pitched the only perfect game or no-hitter in World Series history.
In Game 5 of the 2002 World Series, this Giants manager's three-year-old son was nearly run over in a collision at home plate.
In 1903, after being kicked off a train, this player either fell or jumped into the Niagara River and was either drowned or killed in a fall off Niagara Falls.
In 1950, this player repeatedly distracted opposing batters by standing in their line of sight and doing jumping jacks, leading to the creation of a rule against this.
In Game 5 of the 1995 ALDS, this man hit an 11th-inning double that scored two runs, sending the Mariners to the ALCS.
In Game 1 of the 1970 World Series, this O's catcher collided with umpire Ken Burkhart while 'tagging' Bernie Carbo with an empty glove, and Burkhart incorrectly called Carbo out.
On June 23, 1917, when the starting pitcher was ejected after walking the leadoff hitter, this man picked off the runner and retired the next 26 batters.
On April 23, 1999, he became the only MLB player to hit two grand slams in one inning.
In a 1908 Cubs-Giants game, this Giant failed to touch second base while scoring what would have been the winning run, ultimately costing his team the pennant.
He is the only player who was hit by a pitch in his only Major League plate appearance (in 1955) and who never took the field on defense.
In 1982, this 21-year veteran pitcher got his first career suspension for ball doctoring, though he had been suspected of doing so throughout his career.
In 1981, this Yankee reliever became the only man to lose three games in a best-of-seven World Series.
In 1990, this outfielder was injured when he fell through a glass table after waking from a nightmare about being chased by spiders.
In 1957, a scandal erupted when Reds fans stuffed the ballot box for the All-Star Game. Name either of the two Reds who were removed from the NL starting lineup as a result.
In 1962, he became the first of four players to be 'traded' for himself, after the Mets and Indians couldn't agree on who to trade him for.
In 1974, A's manager Charlie Finley hired this former world-class sprinter as a full-time pinch runner.
In 1896, this future Hall of Famer was hit by a pitch 51 times, a still-standing record. He also holds the career record in that category.
In 1947, this man became the first black player to appear in a major league baseball game since the 1880s, thus breaking baseball's color line.
On September 11, 2017, this Yankee broke a record by reaching base on catcher's interference for the 30th time in his career.
In 1994, after a teammate's bat was confiscated for being corked, this relief pitcher crawled through an air duct, stole the bat, and substituted a legal one.
In 1993, this man, who was born with only one hand, threw a no-hitter against the Indians
This pitcher threw a perfect game on Father's Day in 1964, which was appropriate since he had seven children at the time.
In the seventh inning of Game 7 of the 1968 World Series, with the game tied 0-0, this Tiger hit a two-run triple, and his team went on to win 4-1.
In Game 2 of the 2013 ALCS, with the Tigers leading the Red Sox 5-1 in the eighth, this Tigers closer gave up a game-tying grand slam to David Ortiz and the Tigers went on to lose.
This White Sox outfielder was the most prominent of the eight players banned from baseball due to the 1919 Black Sox Scandal. A child supposedly asked him to 'say it ain't so.'
In a 1987 game against the Angels, this Twins pitcher was suspended when the umpire made him empty his pockets and an emery board and a piece of sandpaper fell out.
In September 2010, this man was called up by the Dodgers for a cup of coffee after having spent 16 years in the minor leagues.
On 1963, this man went 3 for 3 in his only MLB game, becoming the only player with a career 1.000 average and more than two hits.
In Game 6 of the 1985 World Series, umpire Don Denkinger incorrectly called this Royals player safe at first, even though pitcher Todd Worrell clearly beat him to first.
On August 22, 1965, this Giants pitcher repeatedly struck John Roseboro over the head with a bat after Roseboro hit him with a pitch.
In a 2002 Sports Illustrated article, this retired player admitted that he had used steroids during his 1996 MVP season.
In Game 2 of the 1991 World Series, this Twins 1B pulled Ron Gant off the bag while Gant was returning to first, and Gant was controversially called out.
In Game 6 of the 1991 World Series, this player hit a walk-off home run, leading to Jack Buck's call 'And we'll see you tomorrow night!'
In his only career Major League game in 1971, this man became the only pitcher to be credited with a Major League game appearance despite never facing a single batter.
In Game 5 of the 1984 NLCS, this Cubs first baseman let Tim Flannery's ground ball go through his legs, allowing the Padres to tie and ultimately win the game.
In the 7th inning of Game 7 of the 1991 World Series, this Braves player was apparently tricked into stopping at third rather than scoring what would have been the winning run.
in a June 2009 Mets-Yankees game, this Mets player could have won the game by catching an Alex Rodriguez popup, but instead he dropped it and lost the game.
He finished the 1979 season with a batting average of .198, leading to the use of his name to mean the minimum offensive level of performance needed to stay in MLB.
On September 21, 1993, this Cardinal drove in 12 runs in a game, tying the record
In 1990, this 'Detroit Liger' became the only man to play for both the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Tigers.
In Game 2 of the 1973 World Series, this A's player made two errors in one inning and was forced by owner Charlie Finley to sign a false statement that he was injured
In 1942, this man became the last pitcher to play in a game as a catcher.
In Game 6 of the 2003 ALCS, this Cubs outfielder was prevented from catching a foul ball by fan Steve Bartman, and the Cubs went on to lose the series
In 1884, this man became the first black player to appear in an MLB game without passing as white.
In 1933, this 57-year-old entered a game as a pinch hitter, becoming the first of two people to appear in MLB games in five decades.
In 1973, with the opposing pitcher one out from a no-hitter, this Tigers player tried to bat with a table leg.
In the ninth inning of Game 5 of the 1985 NLCS, this player hit his first career left-handed home run to win the game for the Cardinals.
In Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS, Grady Little stupidly left this pitcher in the game in the 8th inning, ultimately costing the Red Sox the pennant and Little his job.
In 1989, this Reds manager and former player was banned from baseball for life due to evidence that he had bet on baseball games, including games involving his own team.
On July 21, 1959, when this man appeared as a pinch runner against the White Sox, the Red Sox became the last MLB team to integrate.
In Game 3 of the 1951 NL playoff, with his team leading 4-2 in the ninth with two outs, this pitcher gave up a home run and the Dodgers lost the pennant.
In the 1970 All-Star Game, Pete Rose ran over this Indians catcher while scoring the winning run, causing an injury that shortened the catcher's career.
On August 10, 1944, this Braves pitcher set a record by throwing only 58 pitches in a complete-game shutout.
On Aug. 23, 2017, this Dodger had a perfect game broken up by a 9th-inning error, then had a no-hitter ended by a walk-off extra-inning homer. These were both unique occurrences.
On June 26, 1998, this man set a record by seeing 20 pitches in a single at bat.
In 1972, he got his 3000th hit in his last regular season at bat. That summer, he was killed in a plane crash while on an earthquake relief mission to Nicaragua.
In 1986, this Red Sox pitcher set a major league record by striking out 20 batters in a 9-inning game.
In 2002, in the only game of his MLB career, this man struck out and hit into a double play and a triple play.
In 2003, this Giants pitcher committed what was described as 'the worst baserunning in the history of the game,' making multiple baserunning errors on the same play.
In Game 3 of the 1925 World Series, this outfielder made an apparent catch whlie falling into the stands. He emerged holding the ball and the batter was controversially called out.
In 1948, this 42-year-old former Negro Leaguer became the oldest 'rookie' in MLB history. In 1965, he played in one game at age 59, becoming the oldest MLB player ever.
In Game 7 of the 1992 NLCS, this Braves player scored the winning run from first on a single, sliding under Mike LaValliere's tag at the plate.
In 1990, after sliding into first, this White Sox player absent-mindedly pulled his pants down in full view of the crowd to brush off some dirt.
On September 28, 1960, this Red Sox player hit his 521st home run in the final at bat of his career
In July 1910, Franklin Pierce Adams wrote a famous poem about these three Cubs infielders turning a double play. Name any of them.
On June 25, 1976, this Rangers shortstop played all 18 innings of a doubleheader without ever getting a chance to field a ball.
In a 1970 game against the Padres, this Mets pitcher struck out the last ten batters of the game.
In 1909, this notoriously mean and cantankerous Tigers player was arrested for assault for slashing an elevator operator with a knife.
In 1936, this man got his only career at-bat for the Cardinals. He would later manage the Dodgers to four world championships and seven pennants
Considered the best-hitting pitcher ever, he hit nine home runs in 1931, the most ever by a pitcher.
In the 6th inning of Game 7 of the 1979 World Series, with the Pirates trailing 1-0, this man hit a two-run homer to give his team a decisive lead.
On July 5, 2004, this Dodgers closer blew a save, ending his record streak of 84 consecutive saves.

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