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'Into the Flood Again' by Alice in Chains
'Step Into a World' by Blondie
'Hi De Hi De Ho' by Cab Calloway
'Didn't I See You Crying' by Cheap Trick
'Love After Love' by Cher
'I Couldn't Ask for Another' by Deee-Lite
'All I Ever Wanted' by Depeche Mode
'Wake Me Up Inside' by Evanescence
'The Devil in Disguise' by the Flying Burrito Brothers
'Forever and Ever' by Aretha Franklin
'Two Girls for Every Boy' by Jan & Dean
'You're the Great Jesus Christ' from Jesus Christ Superstar
'Not Your Fault But Mine' by Mumford & Sons
'Every Time I See You Falling' by New Order
'Valderi Valdera' by the Obernkirchen Children’s Choir
'This is What You Get When You Mess with Us' by Radiohead
'Tie Another One to the Racks' by R.E.M.
'I Don't Like What You Got Me Hanging From' by Soundgarden
'I Will Understand' by Third Eye Blind
'Why Can't I Get Just One Kiss' by Violent Femmes

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