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Can you name the Legion of Super-Heroes members' romantic partners?

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LegionnaireSignificant otherDescription
Lightning LadWife
Saturn GirlHusband
Saturn GirlFiance in reboot Legion
Saturn GirlKissed her twice (Action #289)
Saturn GirlCaught in each other's arms (v2 #289)
Saturn GirlKissed in Legion Lost
Cosmic BoyDate (Superboy #212)
Cosmic BoyWife
Cosmic BoyFiance in reboot Legion
Cosmic BoyReboot girlfriend
Duo DamselUnrequited crush
Duo DamselHusband
Triplicate GirlDated in LSH v5 #3
Triplicate GirlDated in LSH v5 #3
Triplicate GirlBoyfriend late in v5
Phantom GirlSmuggler boyfriend (Secret Origins #9)
Phantom GirlHusband
Phantom GirlBgztlian boyfriend (v5 #4)
SuperboyGirlfriend from Smallville
SuperboyMermaid girlfriend
SuperboyDescendant who he lusted after (SLSH #217)
Chameleon BoyRoyal fiancee (Action #376)
Chameleon BoyWealthy heiress (Action #383)
Chameleon BoyAmbassador (SLSH #249)
ChameleonGirlfriend in reboot era
ChameleonYour nest or mine? (LSH v5 #41)
Colossal BoyLongtime crush
Colossal BoyScience Police girlfriend
Colossal BoyWife
Invisible KidGirlfriend who turned out to be dead
Invisible KidAlleged boyfriend
Invisible KidHad shrine to her in v5
Invisible KidCrush in Shooter's v5 run
Star BoyGirlfriend in Adventure #282
Star BoyLongtime girlfriend
Star BoyWife
LegionnaireSignificant otherDescription
Brainiac 5Girlfriend
Brainiac 5Girlfriend by retcon
Brainiac 5Kissed him on cheek (Legion #27)
Brainiac 5Fiancee in v5
SupergirlBoyfriend from orphanage
SupergirlUndersea boyfriend
SupergirlLegion boyfriend
Laurel GandBoyfriend
Laurel GandHusband
Sun BoyPut her hand down his shirt (LSH v3 #13)
Sun BoyScience Police girlfriend
Sun Boy|InfernoMermaid girlfriend (Legionnaires #7)
Sun BoyDated sometime before LSH v5 #1
Sun BoyDated in v5 #3
Shrinking VioletLallorian boyfriend
Shrinking VioletDate (Action #381)
Shrinking VioletGirlfriend
Shrinking VIoletBoyfriend of SW6 version
Bouncing BoyFat girlfriend (Action #321)
Bouncing BoyWife
Ultra BoyRimborian girlfriend who was murdered
Ultra BoyWife
Ultra BoyWanted to be his slave
Ultra BoyGirlfriend early in reboot
Ultra BoyDated in v5 #3
Ultra BoyGirlfriend in v5; set fire to her bed
Ultra BoySecond wife (JLA: Another Nail)
Mon-ElVillain who tried to seduce him
Matter-Eater LadWife
Element LadDate (Adventure #373)
Element LadGirl(?)friend
Element LadGirlfriend late in v5
Element LadKnew her in 'various ways' (v5 #9)
Light LassLongtime boyfriend
Light LassScared him out of a year's growth
LegionnaireSignificant otherDescription
Light LassLongtime girlfriend
Light LassBoyfriend in reboot
Light LassDated prior to v5 #1
Light LassDated prior to v5 #1
Light LassKnew him in 'various ways' (v5 #9)
Light LassJust friends, but... (v5 #40)
Dream GirlEx-boyfriend killed by Thom
Dream GirlLongtime boyfriend
Dream GirlBecame her lover by mind control
Dream GirlFiancee in threeboot
Karate KidWife
Karate Kid20th-century love interest
Karate KidUnrequited crush (v5 #4)
Karate KidJust friends, but... (v5 #40)
Princess ProjectraHusband
Princess ProjectraBoyfriend in v5
Shadow LassEarly unrequited crush
Shadow LassHusband
Shadow LassBoyfriend before v5 #22
Shadow LassBoyfriend in v5
Timber WolfLongtime girlfriend
Timber WolfReporter girlfriend
Timber WolfLove triangle in Legion Lost
Timber WolfLover in v5
WildfireStar-crossed lover
DawnstarUntouchable lover
DawnstarBoyfriend from primitive planet
Invisible Kid IIGirlfriend|wife
White WitchHad crush on her
White WitchHusband in v4
White WitchPossible boyfriend in reboot
Magnetic KidDate at magnoball match
CatspawBoyfriend who betrayed her
Kid Quantum IIBoyfriend
Polar BoyBedmate in v6 #1

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