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Forced Order
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Who had his finger bitten off by Tenzil Kem?
What retired Legionnaire was responsible for defeating Omega?
What object was the cause of Leeta-87's death?
Who was considered the Legion's third best scientist after Brainy and Lyle?
Before joining the Legion, Blok belonged to what team?
What was Shikari's name for Monstress?
What younger teammate did Light Lass unsuccessfully try to seduce?
On the cover of Adventure Comics #356, what does baby Brainiac 5 spell out with his blocks?
Complete the last words of v3: As long as there is a Legion of Super-Heroes...
Which postboot Legionnaire was going to have been outed as gay?
Who is the Legion's biggest fan (in the comics, not in real life)?
When the Legion first met Superboy, where did they stop for refreshments?
What's the name of Catspaw's treacherous ex-boyfriend?
In Superboy #204, what did Brainiac 5 build in his sleep?
What did Sensor eat when she went to lunch with Chameleon?
In preboot continuity, Phantom Girl first met Ultra Boy while fighting what villain?
According to the Adult Legion story, Shadow Woman died saving what?
What device did the Legion use to randomly select a leader?
In 'The Future is Forever,' who were Brainy, Rond and Circada Senius trying to cure?
That which is purest of you shall be...
Earth-Man was originally known by what codename?
Who said 'You're stupid, all of you! Stupid!! Stupid!!'?
Who is Dirk Morgna's archenemy?
What substance did Element Lad use to defeat a Servant of Darkness?
How long is a decent interval?
How many members can a group have before its taxes go up?
Complete the line: 'You were just kids.' 'No, Batman...
Dawnstar's boyfriend Jhodan was a priest of what god?
The conclusion is inescapable, my friends. We face...
What French-accented rejected applicant was defeated by Magno, Sensor and Umbra?
Star Boy was expelled from the Legion for killing whom?
Saturn Girl had Mystery Lad demonstrate his powers to her inside what?
In what battle did Shrinking Violet lose an eye?
Who disguised herself as exchange student Betsy Norcross?
That was our agreement when you set fire to my...
What's the latest dance craze on the world Janda?
What is Phantom Girl's brother's name?
Which of his fellow Legionnaires did Cosmic Boy slap?
How many people vote in a typical election on Naltor?
What martial art is Luornu Durgo a master of?
Shrinking Violet! What are you doing in my...
Thinking he had 24 hours to live, Karate Kid decided to spend them fighting who?
What name did Karate Kid's biological father go by?
Who caused Big City to become big?
What was Floyd Belkin better known as?
Wildfire allegedly died in what poorly-explained event that happened during the Five-Year Gap?
What was Quislet's parting advice to the Legion when the Emerald Empress destroyed his ship?
Who was the maid of honor at Chuck and Luornu's wedding?
Color Kid became female when Infectious Lass infected him with what?
Who was Steve Apollo a pseudonym for?
What's the name of the reboot Saturn Girl's bratty little sister?

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