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Collaborated with Claremont on Marada, Black Dragon and X-Men Classic backups; subject of a short film by Neil Gaiman
Primary artist on Archie from the '50s to the '70s; once turned in an art job just after being hit by a car
Filipino cartoonist who created Voltar and is famous for his overpowering inks, e.g. over John Buscema on Conan
Creator of Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
Greatest Batman artist of the '40s and '50s; Bob Kane's favorite ghost artist; co-created the Riddler
Creator of 99 Ways to Tell a Story and Odds Off; American corresponding member of the OuBaPo
Creator of Peter Cannon... Thunderbolt; used a pseudonym because he was a policeman and didn't want it to be known he was moonlighting in comics
Preeminent Archie Comics artist; creator of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Josie and the Pussycats
A figure of towering importance in American comics; creator of The Spirit and A Contract with God
Founding editor of Mad and Humbug; creator of Hey Look! and The Jungle Book; major influence on underground comix
Creator of bizarre Golden Age comics reprinted in 'I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets' and 'You Shall Die by Your Own Evil Creation'
Creator of Zippy the Pinhead
Italian-born creator of the Doom Patrol; also drew the first prototype Teen Titans story
Underground cartoonist who created Cheech Wizard, Junkwaffel and Deadbone; died of autoerotic asphyxiation
Artist of 'Idyl' in National Lampoon as well as numerous book covers; had a sex change late in life
Artist of Goodman Beaver; co-creator of Little Annie Fanny; one of the original contributors to Mad
Creator of Castle Waiting
Creator of Alley Oop
Creator of The Cartoon History of the Universe and many Cartoon Guides
Greatest superhero artist since Kirby; drew New Teen Titans, Crisis and Avengers; famous for his crowd scenes
Original artist on Vampirella; drew Planet of the Apes for Marvel and horror stories for Charlton and Warren
Creator of Monkeyman & O'Brien; also drew X-Men, Godzilla and Fantastic Four
Mexican-American creator of Gordo
Revolutionary artist of Nick Fury and Captain America in the '60s; was the inspiration for Mr. Miracle because of his earlier career as an escape artist
Inventor of the modern comic strip; creator of the Yellow Kid and Buster Brown
Creator of Nancy
Writer-artist of 'Here' in Raw #1; also a New Yorker cover artist, musician and picture book writer
Creator of Madman; artist on X-Statix, iZombie and FF
Artist of Vampirella, Power Girl and The Pro
Assistant to Manning, Kurtzman and Elder who later became a world-famous dinosaur artist
Creator of Milk & Cheese, Dork! and Hectic Planet
Creator of The Upside Downs of Little Lady Lovekins and Old Man Muffaroo, an invertible comic strip
Created Popeye for his comic strip Thimble Theatre
Plastic Man creator and Playboy artist who inexplicably committed suicide
Golden Age artist of Johnny Quick, Vigilante and Starman; influenced Kirby, Toth and Ditko
African-American good girl artist notable for Phantom Lady and It Rhymes with Lust
Golden Age DC editor who created Sugar & Spike and Scribbly
'The Good Ghost Artist'; co-creator of Richie Rich, Hot Stuff and Stumbo
Creator of Artbabe and La Perdida; co-author of two textbooks on comics
Pioneer of autobiographical comics whose 'Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary' reflected his Catholic upbringing and his struggle with OCD
Artist of EC, Warren and DC war comics (e.g. 'Give and Take' and 'Easy's First Tiger')
Creator of Finder
Mad artist who created Powerhouse Pepper and Spacehawk; won a contest to draw Lena the Hyena in Li'l Abner
Creator of Wash Tubbs, Captain Easy and Buz Sawyer
Artist of Sgt. Rock, Hawkman and Tarzan; creator of graphic novels such as Fax from Sarajevo; father of two successful comic book artists
Heavy Metal and National Lampoon contributor and creator of A Treasury of Victorian Murder
Creator of The Boondocks and co-writer of Birth of a Nation
Creator of Thanos; artist or writer/artist of Warlock, Captain Marvel and Dreadstar
Co-creator of the Spectre and Hourman
Assistant to Wally Wood who also drew T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents and Dr. Strange
Creator of Li'l Abner; notorious reactionary; had a wooden leg
Second greatest duck artist; creator of Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck
Good-bye, Chunky Rice creator whose graphic novel Blankets dealt with his fundamentalist upbringing
Creator of Frank and The Book of Jim
Artist of Flash Gordon and EC and Warren comics; spent his later career as an inker for Marvel
Artist of two stories in Action Comics #1, including Zatara; later drew Durango Kid
Artist of a brilliant run of Batman stories written by Englehart; also created Cap'n Quick and a Foozle
Artist of the Flash Gordon comic strip from 1951 to 1900
Co-creator of Storm, Nightcrawler and Colossus; also drew Legion of Super-Heroes and created The Futurians
Artist of Watchmen and Martha Washington; creator of The Originals
Inker who worked with Neal Adams; DC executive editor in the '80s; catchphrase was 'Thank you and good afternoon'
Creator of Bringing Up Father (a.k.a. Jiggs and Maggie); major influence on the Clear Line style
Co-creator of Superman; later became destitute and legally blind
Creator of Jimmy Corrigan, Rusty Brown and Building Stories
Creator of Yummy Fur, Ed the Happy Clown and Louis RIel
Quebeçoise creator of Dirty Plotte and My New York Diary, now a fine artist
Korean artist who drew Yang and other Charlton comics, and was the first manwha artist to be published in America
Artist of The Power of Shazam, Superman and All-Star Squadron; recently wrote a blog post about ageism at DC
Creator of 'Jeepers Jacobs,' 'The Curse' and Or Else; the creator of this quiz has published two essays about him
Creator of Concrete
Creator of Big Questions, Dogs & Water and Monologues for the Coming Plague
Editor of Kramer's Ergot; creator of 'Poor Sailor' and Crickets
Creator of The Scary Godmother, Magic Trixie and Death: At Death's Door; co-creator of Beasts of Burden
Former NASA contractor who created xkcd
Co-editor of Crime Does Not Pay; beat his girlfriend to death with an iron and was later murdered himself
Artist of Scorchy Smith; influenced Milton Caniff, with whom he shared a studio
Notoriously misogynistic creator of Cerebus
Creator of Xenozoic Tales (adapted as Cadillacs and Dinosaurs); current writer of Prince Valiant
Creator of Scout; artist of Grimjack and Hawkworld; current writer for Conan
Autobiographical cartoonist whose works include The Job Thing, Late Bloomer and 'The Hannah Story'
Reclusive co-creator of Dr. Strange, Spider-Man and The Question; fervent believer in Objectivism
'Elf Mom'; co-creator and original artist of Elfquest
Creator of Ghost World, David Boring and Ice Haven
Creator of two different versions of Frankenstein, one serious and one humorous, for Prize Comics
Creator of Anthro and the comic strip The Dropouts; also worked for Harvey
Co-creator of Herbie the Fat Fury and Skyman
Extremist, anti-evolutionist, anti-Catholic creator of tracts such as Dark Dungeons and Big Daddy
Creator of Warlord and Jon Sable, Freelance; also drew Green Lantern and Legion of Super-Heroes
Creator of Gasoline Alley
Chinese-American creator of American Born Chinese, Prime Baby, etc.
Canadian underground cartoonist who created Harold Hedd
Romance comic artist who created Dolphin and Jann of the Jungle
Creator of Dennis the Menace
Artist of Tomb of Dracula, Daredevil, Howard the Duck, etc.; famous for his painterly style
Creator of Age of Bronze and various Oz adaptations
Creator of THB, Heavy Liquid and 100%
Co-creator of the Flash (Barry Allen); major Silver Age DC artist; art director and later publisher of DC
Creator of The Far Side; namesake of a species of biting louse
Famously irritable creator of Space Ghost and Bravo for Adventure
Creator of Brat Pack, Maximortal and Rare Bit Fiends
Creator of American Flagg!, Cody Starbuck, Black Kiss, Power & Glory, etc.
Puerto Rican-born artist who assisted Al Williamson at EC and later worked extensively for Warren and Mad
Creator of Hellboy and BPRD
Creator of Box Office Poison, Tricked and Too Cool to Be Forgotten
Known as 'The Bunch'; creator of Dirty Laundry; married to R. Crumb
Co-creator of Metamorpho; artist on Aquaman and Brenda Starr
Image co-founder and creator of Spawn; paid millions of dollars for a baseball
DC humor and adventure artist who drew Supergirl, Jerry Lewis, and most notably Angel & the Ape
Artist of Bucky O'Hare and Micronauts who also co-created Rogue
Co-founder of Tits & Clits Comix who made a comeback in 2010 with Special Exits
National Lampoon editor who created Trots & Bonnie
Co-creator of Captain Marvel Jr.; artist of Flash Gordon Sunday strips
Creator of Skippy; suffered from alcoholism and died in a mental asylum
Prominent fan artist whose works include Xal-Kor the Human Cat
Creator of The Little Bears, Mr. Jack and Little Jimmy; also a notable landscape painter
Creator of Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer and The Jew of New York
Creator of Nize Baby and He Done Her Wrong; noted for his Yiddish-influenced dialogue
Golden Age artist who later painted the official portraits of Presidents Ford and Reagan
Creator of Alec and Bacchus; artist of From HEll
Known as 'Mad's Maddest Artist'; creator of National Gorilla Suit Day
Creator of ClanDestine and JLA: The Nail; artist of Excalibur and D.R. & Quinch
Underground artist with an expressionistic style whose works were collected as Where Demented Wented
Creator of Megaton Man and Bizarre Heroes
Principal artist of Blackhawk; also worked for EC, Treasure Chest and Warren
Brilliant draftsman who worked on Doll Man, Uncle Sam and Black Condor at Quality
Creator of Terry and the Pirates and Steve Canyon
Creator of Black Hole and X'ed Out
Creator of Barney Google (later Barney Google & Snuffy Smith)
Artist of Promethea, Chase, Desolation Jones and Batwoman
Editor of Archie's Red Circle line and creator of Edge of Chaos
Co-founder and former publisher of Image Comics who has drawn Savage Dragon for 20 years
Creator of Little Archie; major influence on Jaime Hernandez
Creator of Onésime, the longest-running Québeçois comic strip
'The Good Duck Artist'; creator of Uncle Scrooge, Gyro Gearloose, etc.
Finnish-born assistant to Eisner who created Lady Luck
Artist of Spider-Man, Captain America and romance comics; father of another successful Marvel artist
Legion and Justice League artist who co-created Lobo and is notorious for swiping from José Muñoz
First African-American female cartoonist; creator of Torchy
Filipino-American creator of Ernie Pook's Comeek, One! Hundred! Demons! and What It Is
Creator of Barnaby; also authored the children's book Harold and the Purple Crayon
EC artist notable for his aviation stories; also worked for Warren and National Lampoon
Creator of Maus and In the Shadow of No Towers; child of Holocaust survivors
Creator of Dark Laughter, Jive Gray and Bootsie; Langston Hughes called him 'America's greatest African-American cartoonist'
Creator of Sub-Mariner and co-creator of Daredevil; had a notorious drinking problem
Creator of Magnus, Robot Fighter; artist of Tarzan and Star Wars
Creator of Pogo; previously drew comic books for Dell
Cartoonist famous for his impractical devices; namesake of the NCS Cartoonist of the Year award
Longtime artist of Brave and the Bold; also drew Spectre and Aquaman
Brilliant action artist who drew Spider-Man and created Blackmark and His Name Is... Savage; called everyone 'my boy'
'50s and '60s Batman artist who co-created Poison Ivy and Mr. Freeze; was previously the primary artist on Hawkman
Creator of the Joker; noted advocate for creators' rights
Creator of Clumsy, Unlikely and Darth Vader & Son; notable for his intentionally sloppy art
Creator of The Little King
Influential graphic designer who has published graphic novel adaptations of Homer and Dante
Writer-artist of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns; creator of Elektra; paranoid lunatic
Co-creator of Archie, officially credited as having created the 'likenesses' of the Archie characters
Creator of Dykes to Watch Out For, Fun Home and Are You My Mother?
Cover artist of The Sandman; creator of Cages; artist of Mr. Punch and Signal to Noise
Minimalist creator of King-Cat Comics; formerly a mosquito abatement worker
Artist for EC, Mad and Tower Comics who created Sally Forth and The Wizard King; committed suicide after suffering kidney failure
Experimental artist of Fleep, Meanwhile and Empire State; accepted an Eisner award while wearing a mask
Artist of Hawkman, Atomic Knights, Buck Rogers, etc.; also an inker who notably collaborated with Curt Swan
Creator of Smile, Drama, and The Baby-Sitter's Club adaptations
Longtime artist on X-Men, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Daredevil, etc.; son of another successful Marvel artist
Artist of The Shadow, Carson of Venus and numerous covers; his name was used as a sound effect in Green Lantern #84
Creator of The New Adventures of Jesus; frequent collaborator of Harvey Pekar
Animation-influenced artist of Justice Society of America and The Batman Adventures; tragically died at 30
Creator of The Revival and The Golem's Mighty Swing; co-founder of the Center for Cartoon Studies
Fastest cartoonist in the world; created Groo and Mad Marginals
Creator of DC: The New Frontier and Richard Stark's Parker; artist of Catwoman and The Spirit
Charlton and DC artist noted for his work on Phantom, Aquaman, Batman and New Gods
Yale-educated artist of Doonesbury; married to Jane Pauley
Greatest cover artist in American comics since 1980; also did interior art for Judge Dredd and Batman: The Killing Joke
Creator of Swallow Me Whole and Any Empire
Editor of Gay Comix and creator of Stuck Rubber Baby and Wendel
Creator of Grendel and Mage
Brilliant Atlas artist who co-created the Black Knight and Yellow Claw before being killed in a train accident
Co-creator of Captain Marvel (Fawcett)
British-born artist who introduced Conan to comics and drew X-Men, Weapon X, Archer & Armstrong, etc.
'The Dude'; co-creator of Nexus; artist of Marvel miniseries such as Thor: Godstorm
Spaniard who was the primary artist on Warren's Vampirella
Creator of Why I Hate Saturn, Nat Turner and The Cowboy Wally Show
Creator of Life in Hell; better known as the creator of the Simpsons
Underground cartoonist who created Den, Rip in Time, Vic and Blood, etc.
EC artist who was one of the original contributors to Mad; later became the world's highest-paid commercial illustrator
Eisner & Iger Studio member who drew Sheena, Queen of the Jungle and Mr. Mystic
Artist of Bat Lash, Teen Titans and Aquaman; won two Purple Hearts
Creator of Johnny Hazard; also wrote Batman in the '70s and drew Captain America
Creator of Lann and Ghita of Alizarr; original artist of Red Sonja's solo series
Filipino artist who succeeded Wrightson on Swamp Thing and drew Rima the Jungle Girl
Cover artist for Timely Comics; signed his name Xela; runner-up for a Hugo Award for Best Professional Artist
Creator of Prince Valiant and artist of Tarzan
Checkered Demon creator and Zap contributor, notable for his use of graphic violence
Co-creator of Aquaman; drew Brick Bradford for 35 years
Famous for his covers for Golden Age comics like Mask Comics and Contact Comics
Creator of King City and Multiple Warheads; writer of Prophet
Creator of Journey (featuring Wolverine MacAlistaire); writer of Jonny Quest, Wonder Woman and Flash
Artist of X-Men, Superman, Fantastic Four and Alpha Flight in the '80s; notorious for his stupid online comments
Creator of The Rocketeer
Artist of Man-Thing, Werewolf by Night and Frankenstein; co-creator of Abadazad
Sole credited creator of Batman; notorious for using ghost artists on both Batman and (allegedly) his clown paintings
Artist of Stardust and Sandman #19 and #75; also an accomplished fantasy illustrator
Artist of Killraven, Sandman #50 and numerous opera adaptations; gives each of his works an opus number
Artist on Nexus and X-Men who later co-created Leave It to Chance
Creator of Brenda Starr; first woman inducted into the Will Eisner Hall of Fame
Prominent SF and fantasy illustrator; creator of Death Dealer; worked on Flash Gordon, Shining Knight and covers of Famous Funnies
Co-created Love & Rockets with two of his brothers; artist of Locas stories and Penny Century
Horror artist who co-created Swamp Thing; also worked for Warren and adapted Frankenstein
Medical illustrator whose autobiographical comics include A Child's LIfe and Diary of a Teenage Girl
Creator of For Better or for Worse; first woman and first Canadian to win the Reuben Award
Greatest artist of Mickey Mouse comics; drew the Mickey Mouse comic strip from the '30s to the '70s
Photorealistic artist of Kingdom Come and Marvels
Creator of Jonny Quest; also drew the Rio series in Eclipse Monthly
'Good girl' artist who created Torchy and various erotic comics
Creator of Dick Tracy
Creator of Mutt & Jeff; first cartoonist to become a celebrity
Editor of Taboo, artist of Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, and creator of Tyrant
Co-created Love & Rockets with two of his brothers; artist of Palomar/Heartbreak Soup, Luba and Venus stories
Artist of Manhunter, Thor and Orion; his signature looks like a dinosaur
Creator of True Story, Swear to God; married to a Puerto Rican radio personality
Creator of Hark A Vagrant, which often discusses the history of her native Canada
German-born creator of The Katzenjammer Kids
Creator of Bone and RASL
Experimental artist of New Mutants, Elektra: Assassin and Stray Toasters; last name is famously hard to spell
Preeminent figure of underground comics; creator of Mr. Natural and Fritz the Cat; founder of Zap and Weirdo
Creator of Calvin & Hobbes, which he refuses to license
Primary artist of Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane; also drew Captain Marvel and Superboy
Juxtapoz founder and Zap contributor influenced by car culture; his comics were collected as Hysteria in Remission
Creator of The System and adaptations of Kafka's The Metamorphosis and Give It Up!
Artist of Starman and JSA: The Liberty File; not a fan of female cosplayers
Creator of the Phantom and Mandrake the Magican
Legendary artist of Conan, Avengers, Silver Surfer, etc.; brother of Sal; surname is famously unpronounceable
Artist of X-Men, Green Arrow and Batman in the '60s; founder of Continuity Comics; believes the earth is expanding
Creator of It's a Good Life, If You Don't Weaken and Clyde Fans; wears old-fashioned clothes on purpose
Longtime Wonder Woman artist who also drew Flash and Spider-Man; frequently inked by Mike Esposito
Korean-Canadian creator of Scott Pilgrim
Artist of the Tarzan strip from 1937 to 1950; art teacher and prolific author of drawing textbooks
Co-creator of Jonah Hex and Black Orchid; first Filipino artist to break into American comics
Image co-founder and co-publisher of DC; artist of X-Men, Wild C.A.T.s and Divine Right
Greatest Silver Age Superman artist
Original artist on Wonder Woman
Puerto Rican artist of Roy Raymond, Alan Ladd and the Tarzan comic strip
Former Executive Director of Image Comics who created Beanworld
Creator of Little Nemo and Dreams of the Rarebit Fiend; pioneering animator
EC horror artist known as 'Ghastly'; regular artist for Old Witch stories
Writer and sometime artist of Little Lulu (1945-1959); creator of Melvin Monster and Thirteen (Going on Eighteen)
Artist for Two-Fisted Tales and Frontline Combat; worked for Cracked for 45 years; his sister is also an answer for this quiz
Artist of Superman vs. Aliens, Moon Knight and Jack B. Quick
Creator of Tantrum and Sick, Sick, Sick; illustrator of The Phantom Tollbooth
Artist of Justice League of America from 1968 to his death in 1980
Creator of Small Favors; artist of The Gingerbread Girl and X-Men: First Class backups
Writer-artist for EC horror and crime comics; later occasionally drew Iron Man
First person to draw original Tarzan stories for comic books; worked for Dell and Gold Key
Co-creator of Dondi which he drew for 30 years; also created Wildcat
Korean-born creator of Same Difference and co-creator of The Eternal Smile
Psychedelic poster designer and Zap contributor influenced by surf culture; died in a motorcycle accident
Krazy Kat creator who always wore a hat to conceal his kinky hair
Creator of Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Alias the Cat; son of animator Gene
Creator of On Stage; writer-artist of Little Orphan Annie from 1979 to 2000
Comics theorist who created Zot! and Understanding Comics; draws himself wearing a lightning bolt shirt
Creator of Bloom County, Outland and Opus; accused of being excessively similar to Trudeau
Creator of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers and Wonder Wart-Hog
Background artist who worked with Williamson and Frazetta on stories like 'H2O World', and later became a Hugo-winning SF and fantasy artist
Creator of Usagi Yojimbo
Peanuts creator, nicknamed Sparky
Japanese-American creator of Optic Nerve, which is collected in books like Summer Blonde and Shortcomings
Russian-born Canadian animator who created Anya's Ghost
Creator of Cul-De-Sac; suffers from Parkinson's disease
Creator of Blondie, which has now outlived him by 40 years
Created a comic strip called Hejji in 1935; later wrote children's books such as The Cat in the Hat
Creator of Little Orphan Annie, which he used to advocate against FDR and the New Deal
Creator of Nipper; namesake of an award for Canadian cartoonists
Uncredited creator of Felix the Cat, whose comic books and comic strips he also drew
Creator of Wolff & Byrd, Counselors of the Macabre
Greatest American comic book artist; 'The King'; creator of Fantastic Four, Captain America, Silver Surfer, Fourth World, etc.
Colorist at EC who later drew Not Brand Ecch, Hulk and Sub-Mariner; her brother is also an answer for this quiz
Left-wing radical and former biker gang member who created Trashman
Artist of numerous superhero parodies including Marvel Age and [NAME] Destroys the Marvel Universe
Creator of Jar of Fools and Berlin
Creator of Flash Gordon and Rip Kirby; artist of Jungle Jim and Secret Agent X-9
Creator of The Kin-der-Kids and Wee Willie Winkie's World; later became an important Expressionist painter
Woodcut artist who created Gods' Man, Madman's Drum and Song Without Words
Insanely detail-oriented artist of Hard Boiled and The Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot
Spanish-born Charlton and DC artist whose credits include Atari Force and Twilight
Artist of 'Master Race' and other stories for EC and Atlas
Maltese-born pioneer of comics journalism; creator of Palestine and Safe Area Gorazde
Golden Age artist who collaborated with Mark Evanier on Crossfire and Blackhawk
Golden Age artist who later created the epic The First Kingdom
EC and Warren artist who later became DC's co-publisher; drew the Black Freighter sequences in Watchmen
Autobiographical cartoonist famous for a running joke about (not) having sex with her dog
Preeminent Superman artist of the '40s and '50s; last name is an adjective
Creator of Jimbo and Cola Madnes; set designer for Pee Wee's Playhouse
Creator of Daddy's Girl and Summer of Love
Co-creator of Vampirella; founder of Wimmen's Comix; historian of comics by women
Artist of Batman: Year One and Daredevil: Born Again; creator of Rubber Blanket and Asterios Polyp
Longtime Marvel artist notable for inking Kirby and penciling Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos
Creator of Hate and Neat Stuff, both featuring Buddy Bradley
Creator of Polly and Her Pals; influenced by abstract art
Underground comics pioneer notable for historical works like God's Bosom and Los Tejanos
Charlton and DC artist who drew U.S.S. Stevens and The Lonely War of Willy Schultz

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