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Can you name the christmas song by a lyric that has been run through many languages in google translate?

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Messed Up LyricSongActual Lyric
To see it, I must say that shine.
Now, he is good in the air tram ride with you.
It has a double-check-I list.
Thus, it is said that the afternoon prayer Santa Claus to hang your socks.
Oh, what a horse horse open sled fun ride.
If there is not some magic hat in vivo.
Most of the Christmas you can not think of one that I need.
Makabe told me to eat, but Hippo called vegetables.
He did not gear up the stairs I looked.
It's a family, Christmas is not a holiday Jeddah black.
Messed Up LyricSongActual Lyric
children Dep. You can sleep in peace in heaven.
Look at the sky bright and lie.
The good news is that we will bring you and your beloved child.
A little more every man and woman has a lot of toys down chimneys.
Around the Christmas Tree lock, you can see the Christmas spirit slot.
What a glory, in his time, the lock on the night.
Each bright light, no one alive broaden the support bell of silver.
Christmas, starting to see a lot of things, like toys in all stores.
Snow is an exciting line. Beautiful sight, we're happy the next night.
Oh, the weather was terrible, but the fire was often funny there.

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