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Forced Order
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Cause in his life he's filled with all these good intentions3 Doors Down
Rising up back on the street. Took my time, took my chancesSurvivor
I can't pretend that you're only my friend when you're holding my body tightSoul Decision
And now I'm sinking, sinking to rise no more. Ever since you closed the door.R. Kelly
I came into this world as a reject. Look into these eyes.Limp Bizkit
Never had to be on a movie screen to be the leading lady in all my dreamsLFO
Once again I just can't get it straight. Wondering if wandering is my fate.Evan and Jaron
Taking me places I ain't never been. But now you're getting comfortable, ain't doing those things no moreDestiny's Child
Baby, I'm so into you. You got that something what can I do?Britney Spears
And that's about the time she walked away from me. Nobody likes you when you're 23Blink 182
So you can get on with your life, I've got to be cruel to be kind98 Degrees
Many nights we prayed, with no proof anyone could hear. In our hearts a hopeful song we barely understoodWhitney Houston and Mariah Carey
I can't love you anymore. I'm scared of the sound of itOleander
Boy this evening, was it only me, down to be open, down to be open to some satisfactionMonica
After winter, must come spring. Change it comes eventually. Lauryn Hill
Try is all we have to do. It's up to me and you to make this special love last forevermore.K-Ci and Jojo
See you blowing me a kiss, it doesn't take a scientist to figure out what's going on babyJennifer Paige
The strain you put on me. You let me down. Can you tell me why after all I've done for you and us. Ideal
Makes her mind up goes to bed. Another night alone without him. Another night alone in CharlestonHootie and the Blowfish
Well I'd give up forever to touch you cause I know that you feel me somehowGoo Goo Dolls
There was nothing that I wouldn't do. To keep myself around and close to you. Do you have an opinion?Garbage
Give it a spin. See if it can somehow factor in. You know there's always more than one way to say exactly what you need to sayFastball
We take the floor. Nothing is forbidden anymore. Don't let the world in our sightsEnrique Iglesias
There's no talking to you. So sad that you're leaving. Takes time to believe it. But after all is said and done, you're gonna be the lonely one.Cher
I will be your man. Your protector, your best friend. So my humble life is in your handsCase
Almost made you love. Almost made you cry. Almost made you happy babe, didn't I, didn't IBrandy
Far away from here. From this dark cold hotel room and the endlessness that you fearSarah Mclachlan
I feel you. That is how I know you go on. Far across the distance and spaces between usCeline Dion
I've been living on coffee and routine. I've been wondering if all the things I've seen were ever real. Were ever really happneingSheryl Crow
Well I was thinking if you were lonely. Maybe we could leave here and no one would know. At least not to the point that we would think so.Matchbox 20
When you walk by every night, talking sweet and looking fine I get kinda hectic insideMariah Carey

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