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Can you name the Largest Cities on 25 Largest Islands?

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Greenland15 085
New Guinea307 103
Borneo658 549
Madagascar1 687 748
Baffin Island6 184
Sumatra1 769 741
Honshu8 762 073
Victoria Island1 477
Great Britain7 744 942
Ellesmere Island141
Sulawesi1 478 713
South Island377 434
Java8 431 302
North Island421 930
Luzon11 248 470
Newfoundland153 820
Cuba2 125 977
Iceland119 149
Mindanao1 626 977
Ireland1 069 861
Hokkaido1 925 504
Hispaniola2 552 398
Sakhalin172 053
Banks Island122
Sri Lanka685 246

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