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Can you name the celebrities based on their relationships to one another?

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Well known actor and star of 30 Rock.
Youngest brother of previous.
Starred with previous in Bio Dome as Bud Macintosh.
Starred with previous in Encino Man as Link.
Starred with previous in The Mummy Returns as the Scorpion King .
Has a WWE rivalry with the previous.
Fought with Johnny Nitro against the previous at WWE Raw in 2006.
Was married to the previous and mothered his child.
Dated the previous and was a Mouseketeer with her.
Had a wardrobe malfunction while performing at the Super Bowl with the previous in 2004.
Older brother of the previous.
Recorded 'Hold My Hand' with the previous on the previous' posthumous album.
Performed live with the previous at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2010.
Husband of the previous.
Cameoed as himself in the previous' movie 'Get Him to the Greek.'
Starred with the previous as Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter series of movies.
Starred with the previous as Jacob Black in the Twilight series of movies.
Country pop star who dated the previous for 3 months in 2009.
Performed with the previous at the NFL Kickoff in 2010.
The previous cameoed in his Jackass movies.
Has an MTV show spun-off from the previous' named after himself.
Brother of the previous and drummer for cKy.

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