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Can you name the movie titles by the vigilante characters and actors who played them?

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CharacterMovie TitleActor
Conner and Murphy MacManusSean Patrick Flanery;Norman Reedus
Nick StylesDenzel Washington
WalkerLee Marvin
Bobby GreenJoaquin Phoenix
Travis BickleRobert DeNiro
The BrideUma Thurman
Jimmy MarkumSean Penn
Jack CarterMichael Caine (Sylvester Stallone in remake)
Eric DravenBrandon Lee
CreasyDenzel Washington
Edmond DantesJames Caviezel
Bo LaramieCole Hauser
Bobby, Angel, Jeremiah and Jack MercerMark Wahlberg;Tyrese Gibson;André Benjamin;Garrett Hedlund
Chris VaughnDwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
VHugo Weaving
CharacterMovie TitleActor
John MatrixArnold Schwarzenegger
Thomas CravenMel Gibson
PorterMel Gibson
Karen McCannSally Field
Bruce WayneMichael Keaton
Mason StormSteven Seagal
Bryan MillsLiam Neeson
Erica BainJodie Foster
Paul KerseyCharles Bronson
El MariachiAntonio Banderas
Harold Francis CallahanClint Eastwood
RorschachJackie Earle Haley
Clyde SheltonGerard Butler
Walt KowalskiClint Eastwood
Frank CastleDolph Lundgren (Thomas Jane in remake)

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