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1. A place where indoor plants might grow.
2. A place where Mr. Doe does his business.
3. A place where one sits in the tub.
4. A place with plumbing in Europe.
5. A British term.
6. A place where His Highness sits.
7. A place to get some work done.
8. A quiet place to write out paperwork.
9. A place to keep some books for further reading.
10. An Aussie term.
11. A place that is not quite a jar.
12. A place to grow cranberries.
13. A place to sit down and take a break.
14. A nautical term: 'Hit the __.'
15. A military term.
16. A place that might not be inside.
17. A place used primarily for '#1'.
18. A derivative of the French word for convenient. (or a piece of furniture similar to a chest)
19. A place to be alone.
20. A place to apply cosmetics.
21. A Filipino term. (A place to feel alleviation.)
22. A place to get clean.
23. A polite f-word meaning 'something which enables or makes a process easier'
24. A place used primarily for '#2'.
25. The Latin-based synonym of clue 22.
26. It sounds like a device that is used on fishing boats.

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