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 killing of a fetus; abortion
 killer of mites and ticks
 killer of algae
 murder of a friend
 killer of aphids
 killer of aphids
 killing of birds
 killer of bacteria
 killer of bacteria
 killing living material
 slaughter of cattle; one who kills cattle
 killing of whales and other cetaceans
 substance used to kill bed-bugs
 destruction or killing of a god
 destruction of the environment
 killing of bishops
 one who destroys another's reputation; slanderer
 killing of a cat
 killing of a woman
 killing of a fetus
 killing of one's own child
 killing or killer of flowers
 killing of a fetus
 substance that kills ants
 killing of one's brother
 killing of fungus
 killing of a race or ethnic group
 substance that kills germs
 killing of a giant
 killing of women
 killing of plants
 killing of heretics
 killing of a human being
 killing of an infant
 killing of insects
 killing of larvae
 destruction of liberty
 killing of a wolf
 killing or killer of one's husband
 killing of one's mother
 reduction of mind by psychological pressure
 killing or killer of microbes
 agent which kills mites
 killing of mollusks
 substance for killing flies
 killing or killer of a newborn infant
 killing insect eggs
 killing of parasites
 harmful act appearing to be an attempt at suicide
 killing or killer of one's parents
 killing of parents or a parent-like close relative
 killing of one's father
 killer of partridges
 killing of pests
 killing of offspring; killing of the human race
 substance or person who kills rats
 killing of a monarch
 killing of rodents
 killing of old men
 killing or killer of a snake
 killing or killer of a sibling
 substance that kills trees
 killing of one's own sister
 destruction of an entire species
 killing of sperm
 killing of spores
 killing of oneself
 killing of tapeworms
 killing or killer of a bull
 killing of trypanosomes
 killing or killer of a tyrant
 destruction of a city
 killing or killer of a bear
 one who stabs an inflated skin vessel instead of killing someone
 killing of one's own wife
 killing or killer of a prophet
 destroying the meaning of a word
 killing of worms
 substance or person who kills wasps
 killing of viruses; killing of men or of husbands
 killing of viruses
 killing of a fox
 something that kills weeds

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