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Can you name the words connected by a common theme?

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a force resistant to motion
the opposite of straighten
one of a pair of mechanical devices that grip a ski boot
The snake wound itself into a ________.
a single round of cards played in which the highest card or trump card wins
a movie with Will Smith OR a way to ride for free
a large formation of coral
a salty bread snack commonly sold at ballgames
the rope that hangs from the gallows
an equilateral, equiangular quatrilateral
a bathtub device that prevents draining OR a red light
the occupation of those on Deadliest Catch
a rock band 'led' by Jimmy Page OR the Hindenburg
Crisco or lard
a 2009 film starring Adrian Brody and Sarah Polley
a pattern left in the ice from figure skating OR the shape of the infinity symbol
The House of _______ is the ruling family of the UK.
the variant of the Dutch language used in Belgium
the most delicious liquid known to man made from fermented grain (usually hops or wheat)
to trip or stumble on something slick
the motion used both in serving a tennisball and pitching a baseball
Every answer is a type of _________.

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