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to clean
to visit, inspect
to dream
to pack in
to believe
to snow
to buy
to know (a fact)
to amuse, enjoy oneself
to buy from
to clean
to learn, study
to open
to be pleasing to
to close
to add, place, mate
to step
to discuss, talk about
to have to
to move out
to sweep
to write
to experience
to seek, look for
to request, ask for
to pay
to pay attention
to be supposed to
to share, divide, split
to watch, examine, behold
to go for a walk
to lay, place, set (something that cannot stand on its own)
to wear
to find out
to find
to swim
to get lost
to plan
to leave, abandon
to experience
to receive
to remember
to say
to hope
to shine
to pull
to advise
to do, make
to run
to open
to bring
to flash (lightning)
to climb in, on
to decide
to eat
to utilize, harness, deploy
to play
to get out, off
to wake up
to live, reside
to be open
to want to
to drive
to stay, remain
to speak
to take
to hike
to explore, investigate
to wipe
to know (a person, place, thing)
to go
to sing
to steal
to shop
to belong to
to offer
to rise, climb
to put or place (something that can stand on its own)
to undertake
to like, be pleasing to
to rain
to have
to miss (as in „miss a person“)
to try (as with food)
to ask
to straighten up
to forget
to be
to smoke
to taste
to sell
to pick, choose, vote
to like
to become
to hear
to bring along
to rehearse, practice
to cook
to cost
to drink
to use
to read
to give
to sleep
to describe
to wish
to stand
to brew
to breakfast
to purchase, shop, buy
to watch TV
to be able to
to be permitted to
to move in
to work
to paint
to convince
to love
to visit
to call on the telephone
to hold, keep
to thunder
to practice
to park
to amortize
to review, repeat
to study (as in a major at university)
to come
to tell, narrate
to see

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