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Partridge in a pear tree - Apple or Pear, a ? or a Cherry.
Turtles Doves - How many lettered options for planting the Pear do I consider?
French Hens - How many squares does the Hen house cover?
Calling Birds - Which bird is in the concave corner of the house?
Gold Rings - Which letter is left out?
Geese a-Laying - How many birds are a-laying in this puzzle?
Swans a-Swimming - How many ways can the stream go before the last clue?
Maids a-Milking - What does the loop of Maids encircle?
Ladies Dancing - Who or what joins the Ladies and Me in the bag?
Lords a-Leaping - With what do I jab the errant Lord?
Pipers Piping - Who stole the rings?
Drummers Drumming - What are you offered at the end?

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