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ClueAnswer1st letter
1: First animal (alphabetically)
2: Small country between Libya and Italy - rhymes with 8
3: A word mix up - from orchestra to carthorse
4: Relating to birth - doubly so in a South African province
5: Central American country - see 25
6: It flows from a volcano - sounds rather like 17
7: Long magic word - begins and ends with an undergarment
8: Where Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill met - rhymes with 2
9: 7th day - for rest or witches
10: Italian staple food - e.g. spaghetti, lasagna, fusilli
11: Palindromic detection apparatus
12: First man - see 16
13: Of maritime military, not midriff middle
14: Northern neighbour of Kyrgyzstan
15: Spicy sauce or dance
16: Refusing to be persuaded - or 12 followed by food for 1
17: Sounds rather like 6 - more food for 1
18: Buddhist teacher - sounds like 27
19: Disadvantage (one word) or retreat (two words)
20: Mercurial mixture which can be filling
21: Himalayan mammal - might talk a lot
22: European capital which is not in Europe
23: ''Unicorn of the sea'' - warn Hal! (3)
24. A thing Rhett, frankly, did not give.
25: 5 and Egypt famously have one
26: Domesticated woolly mammal - smaller version of 27
27: Looks like 26, sounds like 18
28: Layered dish of 10 or, strictly, a single sheet of it
29: Between forest and grass - rhymes with 31
30: Music player for someone on a stroll
31: Caribbean capital - an Israeli dance without its gila
32: US state whose name contains a non-adjacent US state
33: Highly thematic Greek fish roe dip OR 3 of 10 if you prefer Spanish
Thematic, yet unthematic, answer to revealed question:

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