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Can you name the things from LOST, A to Z?

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The Dharma station that fits the categoryA
The man who arrived on flight 316 and was killed by the Smoke MonsterB
Charlotte can't have this before dinnerC
Country in which Locke finds Sayid after leaving the islandD
Shared name of both Ben's mother and John's MotherE
Name of the (surviving) pilot of flight 316F
Where flight 316 was scheduled to landG
Island on which the polar bears were keptH
Last name of the man Desmond accidentally killedI
Name of Sun and Jin's daughterJ
Name of the freighter sent to the island by Charles WidmoreK
Claims to be a clinical psychologistL
Name of Jack's motherM
Star of ExposeN
Name of the Dharma station where Keamy was killedO
What Ben claimed to have implanted into Sawyer (and a bunny)P
Word on the inside of the hatch doorQ
Name of Juliet's sisterR
Message Bernard wanted to make out of rocksS
Nickname for the 815 survivors from the back end of the planeT
Relationship of Daniel to Charlie HumeU
Used by Kelvin, Desmond, and Claire to ward off the 'sickness'V
Full name of Michael Dawson's sonW
Movie played by Hurley while living in DharmavilleX
Song made famous by Drive ShaftY
Brother of Emma, survivor of flight 815Z

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