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Can you name the Name that NBA-player - scrambled name?

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Forced Order
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Scrambled NamePlayer NameBonus Info (Might just confuse you)
Unidatas SengaiAt the Buzzer!
Botha FahloosesCheese, Chocolate and Mountains
Lasaur LertubThis is tricky!
Rolled GriwthReal Rarriow
Neat NorbinsoTrypko!
Sonja DikdYou know this guy
Narbi BralacinesHeadred
Marcused SucsinoOnce played with Honj Lawl
Suli ColasInternational Team: Tinagerna
Hasce RunbedigScalabrine 2
Scrambled NamePlayer NameBonus Info (Might just confuse you)
Mir Picasso'O' is in the first name
Naser SlavoyiaHunchback
NoBrand AbssShares name with a guy, who actually have abs
Radko CilimicThirty One, Not a Dirty One...though
Rayg LeanRimes with: Scary Eel
Gerse BakaiJonas and Hugo are some of his middlenames
Nuchacye SlublipPicked 3rd by the Telcics
Chaz PhaldronTeam: Phemims
Shauntay NicerpKing in the castle...or palace or whatever
Toonina MysdescGetting Old

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