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Which nation hosted the 2010 World Cup?
Which player scored the tournament's first goal?
Which teams failed to score a single goal?
Which teams left the tournament with 0 points?
Who won the 2010 World Cup?
What was the score in the 2010 World Cup final?
Spain scored a record-low number of goals for a World Cup winner. How many goals did they score?
Which team eliminated Brazil?
Cristiano Ronaldo scored his only goal of the tournament against which team?
The score in that match (which Portugal won) was?
Which Ghanaian player missed a penalty kick in a quarterfinal match against Uruguay following a goal-line handball by Luis Suarez?
Which team defeated the USA 2-1 after extra time in the Round of 16?
Who scored Spain's winning goal in their semifinal match against Germany?
Who was Spain's top scorer at the tournament (and also one of four joint top-scorers in the tournament)?
Name the only team England beat at the 2010 World Cup.
Which team eliminated Italy in their final group game with a 3-2 win?
Name the teams which made their debut at the 2010 World Cup (both participated in previous World Cups as parts of other nations).
Which team scored the most goals at the tournament?
Which team did Germany defeat 3-2 to claim third place?
Which team pulled off a shock 1-0 victory against Spain in their first group game, yet failed to even finish as group runners-up and were eliminated at the group stage?
In its final group game, Switzerland played out a dismal goalless draw against which team, which earned its only point of the tournament in this match?
England were held to a shock 0-0 draw against which team in their second game?
Which team was the only team to finish undefeated?
Who scored the winning goal in the final?
Australia's only win of the tournament came against which European team?
Which player hit the only hat-trick of the World Cup as Argentina coasted past South Korea 4-1?
The Brazilian player Kak√° received a red card in a game against which African team?
The opening game of the tournament was contested by hosts South Africa and which Latin American team?
Name the winner of the only group in which every team won at least one game.
Name the winner of the only group in which the third-place finisher failed to win a game.
Nigeria beat this team 2-0 in 1994, which marked their opponents' only previous participation, but in 2010 lost to them 1-2 in what was their opponent's first ever World Cup win.
Which two teams were the only teams to finish the group stage with a 100% record (three wins in three games)?
Japan were eliminated by which Latin American team on penalties in the Round of 16?
South Korea were eliminated by which Latin American team 1-2 in the Round of 16?
4 of the 5 South American participants reached the quarterfinals. Which one did not?
Robert Vittek scored a penalty in a 1-2 loss to which team in the Round of 16?
Name the English goalkeeper who made a horrendous mistake in a group game against the USA, allowing his opponents to draw level?
During the course of the knockout stages, two goals were scored in extra time. One was scored by Spain's Andres Iniesta in the final. Who scored the other extra time goal?
Japan's two wins came against which teams? (Hint: neither team qualified for the 2006 World Cup.)
South Korea's only win came against which team? (Hint: this team has won a continental championship since the beginning of the 21st century.)
Which team, having qualified for the first time since 1966, conceded the most goals?
As I mentioned earlier, Spain's David Villa was one of four joint top-scorers. The other three included an Uruguayan player, a German player, and a Dutch player. Name one of them.
This and the next eleven questions involve knowledge of the qualification process for the 2010 World Cup: Which team finished at the top of CONCACAF's Hexagonal?
Which team finished runners-up in CONMEBOL's qualification tournament, behind Brazil?
Which CONCACAF team did Uruguay defeat 2-1 on aggregate to qualify?
Slovenia qualified by the away goals rule following a 2-2 draw on aggregate against which team, which eliminated the Netherlands at Euro 2008?
Greece qualified after defeating an Eastern European side 1-0 on aggregate. Name this team, which reached the quarterfinals on its debut in 2006.
New Zealand qualified after defeating which Asian side 1-0 on aggregate? (Hint: This team has never qualified for the World Cup.)
Algeria qualified by defeating which team, reigning African champions at the time, 1-0 in a one-legged playoff?
Sporcle's favorite country, Kyrgyzstan, was unfortunately eliminated early in the qualifiers by which Asian majority-Muslim nation, which has never won the Asian Cup?
Two European nations won all their qualifying matches. One was Spain. Name the other, which finished fourth in 1998.
Portugal finished runners-up in its qualifying group behind a team which first qualified for the World Cup in 1986, when they were eliminated by Spain.
Which team, which first qualified for the World Cup in 2006, finished at the bottom of CONCACAF's Hexagonal.
Serbia topped its qualification group. Name the runners-up in its qualification group. (Hint: this country hosted the first Euro.)

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