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Define term: everybody suffers in some aspect of life.
What is the ranking of the Buddhist population in the world?
What was the name of the man who later became enlightened and founded Buddhism?
What is the wheel of rebirth?
True/False: The Buddha thought those cross over into nirvana continue to watch the lives of those still in samsara
How many mendicants first followered Buddha?
Name the first Buddhist monastic community.
A person's identity depends on their....
Country of Buddha's orgin?
Buddhist morality emphasizes...
Buddha taght, 'the more _______ one has, the more one suffers.'
What has the time period called when Siddhartha at age 29 gave up his life as a price, and secretly left his family and left on horse back into the night?
The term Buddha means?
Means that there is no ultimate reality within.
How is the leader of the clergy?

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