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Read the followingAnswer the following
This word means: attitudes that a person has towards a certain race.
9% of Non- hispanic _____ are poor
23% of ______ are poor
12% of _____ are poor
24% of _______ are poor
This word(s) means: When the power in in the hands of men, and power in denied to women.
This word(s) means: Barriers women face in moving up in society because of gender sterotype.
Most single-parent families are headed by _____.
True/False: The writers of the Bible were not sexist at all.
Read the followingAnswer the following
True/False: Jesus modeled respect for people regardless of their gender.
Is it legal or illegal to turn away the most qualified applicant for a position if you think their race may lose business for your company?
True/False: Most homosexual people do not chose to become homosexual in their teens.
Most child molestation is done by which gender?
True/False: According to Catholic tradition, feeling homosexual attractions is sinful.
True/ False: According to Catholic tradition, engaging in homosexual sexual activity is not sinful.
What does lifelong abstinence mean?

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