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DefinitionLiterary TermExamples
 'buckets of big blue berries'
 we dance freely / alone / in the pouring rain'
 might be formal or informal, playful, ironic, optimistic, pessimistic, or sensual
 'into my hands fell the apple' rather than 'the apple fell into my hands'
 In the dark room of the abandoned house on the outside of town...
 'The bright lights illuminated the giant white numbers that lined the grassy green field.'
 English, Spanish, French, Vietnamese
 'the wind whispered through the trees'
 rider, reader, raider, ruder
 'enough food to feed an army'
DefinitionLiterary TermExamples
 'head over heels' does not mean 'in love' in another language
 'Like a child from the womb, a ghost from a tomb...'
 in THE SCARLET LETTER the rosebush represents Pearl
 Petrarchan or Italian, Shakespearean or English
 Jack and Jill / went up the hill
 Edward Taylor uses the trade of spinning wool to represent his relationship to God
 'I must confess that in my quest I felt depressed and restless.'
 'I was somewhat worried about the psychopath running toward me with a chainsaw'
 English 'brother' and German 'Bruder'
 'I always lie'

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