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lead in linefollowing line
you take a deep breath
its the morning of your
and you say hi to your friends
try and stay out
it's your freshman year
for the next four years
hoping one of those
will wink at you and say
'cause when you're fifteen
you're gonna believe them
feeling like there's nothing
well count to ten
this is life before you know
you sit in class
and soon enough
laughing at the other girls
we'll be outta here
and then you're on your very first date
and you're feeling
and your momma's waiting up and
and you're dancin'
lead in linefollowing line
when the night ends
'cause when you're fifteen
you're gonna believe them
and you're first kiss
but in your life you'll do things greater than
but i didn't know
when all you wanted
wish you could go back and tell yourself
back then i swore
but i realized some bigger
and abigail gave everything
who changed his mind
'cause when you're fifteen
you're gonna believe them
don't forget to look
i've found time can
and you just might find
i didn't know who i was supposed to be
your very first day
take a deep breath as you

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