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'I'm just the fastest thing you'll ever see. That streak of lightning you just missed was me. '
'Dear Elle, he's a lucky guy, I'm like gonna cry, I got tears comin' out of my nose!'
'Now that is a very unusual hat, I wonder what's under a hat such as that?'
'Join us, leave your field to flower...'
'On the 21st day of the month of September...'
'A new world calls across the ocean.'
'Oh, oh oh, woke up today feeling the way I always do'
'Ah! The intoxicating smell of the graveyard!'
'The hills are alive with the sound of music'
'It's time to lose the day, it's time to head to Beale...'
'How does a bastard, orphan, son of a **** and a Scotsman dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean...'
'In the beginning...'
'There's a boat that leaves from Napoli every Thursday in the morning.'
'Mama who bore me, Mama who gave me no way to handle things, who made me so sad.'
'Sun is shining it's a lovely day, the perfect morning for a kid to play!'
'December 24th, 9pm, Eastern Standard Time'
'I could be a dancer maybe, I could be a judge.'
'Salam and good evening to you worthy friends!'
'Come on! I'm waiting for my porno to load. My brain is gonna freakin' explode!'
'Hey! Did you see this? Julian March is doing a show!'
'Daddy, hey daddy, come here okay? I need you!'
'Ms. Peretti, please spell syzygy.'
'Chocolate! Chocolate! Rots your teeth and makes you fat!'
'Jamie is over and Jamie is gone...'
'Every story, tale or memoir Every saga or romance Whether true or fabricated Whether planned or happenstance...'
'In each of us there are two natures. If this primitive duality of man - good and evil - can be housed in separate identities, life will be relieved of all that is unbearable.'
'Why wouldn't you ever go out with me in school?'
'willkommen, bienvenue, welcome '
'War of the roses, Chaucer's tale, the brutal feudal system...'
'Mama, why’s a man have eyes?'
'Come on Babe, why don't we pain the town?'
'After five years of youthful freedom and irresponsibility, the members of the secret society of Navarre do hereby fulfil their pledge to renounce the world...'
'There's a bright golden haze on the meadow...'
'Step, kick, kick, leap, kick, touch...Again!'
'The plan was called operation D-Minor'
'Tonight I will be Miss Saigon'
'Olim. Olim Deus accelere hoc saeculum splendidum accelere fiat venire olim'
I was in the stands, rooting for our team, when I saw the Buccaneer's cheer for the first time'
'Yesterday is done, see the pretty countryside...'
'Wrap your feet in Price and Son, our work is tried and true.'
'I am sorry, I know I'm early I couldn't wait! I'm Sally Durant Plummer...'
'Make Way! Make Way! Make way for the funeral procession of Doctor Victor von Frankenstein, maker of monsters!'
'Good news! She's dead!'
'Once upon a time lived a princess and a prince in kingdoms gold and blue'
'White. A blank page or canvas...'
'For those of you of weaker constitution, for those of you who may be faint of heart...'
'Girl we've been together such a long long time it's been a great 3 days you know it's true but now I can't help thinking something isn't right and honestly it isn't me it's you.'
'Blessed Father, our convent is in need.'
Hey, sista, whatcha gon' do? Goin' down by the river Gonna play with you.'
'winds in the east, mist coming in, like somethin' is brewin' about to begin...'
'Some folks dream of the wonders they'll do, Before their time on this planet is through.'
'Two weeks at sea, many more and we will be there to start our new lives and be free.'
'I Love you Jasper. Do you love me?'
'There's a war going on out there somewhere, and Andrei isn't here...'
'How beautiful is the Princess Salome tonight! She is like a She is like the shadow of a white rose in a mirror of silver.'
'Once upon a time...'
'Attend the tale of Sweeney Todd...'
'Holy God Bless this ship With pride, and Clan O'Malley green.'
'I got the horse right here The name is Paul Revere And here's a guy that says if the weather's clear '
'My hands pluck the things I know that I'll need I'll take the sugar and butter from the pantry.'
'Ever since the ancient riders crossed the great divide'
'i-ngwaew asia wintar ar i ardh iaur ú dara. erui men úvill gomen amdiram orthored i wath.'
'Put your faith in what you most believe in.'
'Lights up on Washington Heights up in the break of day I wake up and I got this little punk I gotta chase away!'
'Hello. How are we today? A little quiet? I'm feeling a little blue myself..'
'Sold. Your number, sir? Thank you.'
'Now I don't know, but I've been told - that's true of everything I think I know'
'My mummy says I'm a miracle'
'Nothing ever happen underground in Louisiana.'
'When the moon is in the Seventh House And Jupiter aligns with Mars'
'The old deserted beach That we walked—remember?'
'September 1st, 1989. Dear Diary...'
'I can see me, I can see me, livin' just like Clara!'
'It took me 19 years, but I finally developed a good relationship with my body!'
'Through the dark, and through the hunger, through the night and through the fear.'
'Once upon a time in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle...'
'My mind is clearer now. At last all too well I can see where we all soon will be... '
'Who's got the stuff that made the Wild West wild?'
'Opening night, it's opening night It's Max Bialystock's latest show - Will it flop or will it go?'
'Michael Rennie was ill, the day the Earth stood still'
' Look down, look down, don't look 'em in the eye...'
'Some kinds of time are real quick to leave you...'
'Summertime, and the livin' is easy...'
'Ladies and Gentlemen, We shades of the city of Venice ask you to follow us.'
' Something familiar, something peculiar Something for everyone: a comedy tonight'
'I'm Evan Goldman, I live at 224 West 92nd Street, in the heart of Manhattan. And my life just went to hell.'
'Do you know what I wish for at the end of a too long day?'
'Pray, Pray, Pray I pray I make P.A.'
'Are you blind when you're born? Can you see in the dark?'
' Carlos./Julieta, mi querida Julieta.'
'The fields are aglow in autumn yellow And the sky is a robin's egg blue'
'Dites-moi Pourquoi La vie est belle'
'In nomine patri et fili spiritu sancte. Amen'
'Long ago, in the Year of Our Lord 326 A.D., a great prophet is leader of the Nephite people in ancient upstate New York.'
'Hey pal, feelin' blue? Dont know what to do?'
'Legend has it that it was written by the dark ones...'
'What are you doing up? it's 3:30.'
'Farewell my Lila, I'll write every evening.'
'If you knew my story, you'd have a hard time believin' me; you'd think I was lyin'...'

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