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SigilHouseSeat/ Notable Member
Golden hand on gyronny red and blackGodsgrace/The Bastard of Godsgrace, friend of Arianne Martell
Red ants on a yellow fieldUnknown/ Alyn, a squire who proved himself at the Battle of the Blackwater
Blue falcon soaring against a white moon, on sky-blueThe Eyrie/ Ser Jon, former Hand of King Robert
Grey stone head with fiery eyes, upon a light green fieldUnnamed (old)
Field of silver mockingbirds on greenHarrenhal (new) (current)/ Ser Petyr, known as Littlefinger
Hooded man, black on grey, within a fiery tressureBanefort/ Lord Quenten, captured at the battle of the Whispering Wood fighting for King Joffrey
Leaping blue swordfish on fretty silver on whiteSharp Point/ Lord Duram, sworn to Stannis
Black stag on a golden fieldStorm's End/ King Robert
Three yellow beehives on a black pale on a field paly black and yellowHoneyholt/ Ser Bertram, sworn to Renly
Six silver bells on purpleStrongsong/ Ser Marwyn, former captain of the guards at the Eyrie
Three blue beetles on goldUnknown/ Beardless Jon, part of Jaime's force that marches to Riverrun
Black fess on silverBandallon/ Ser Leo, sworn to Renly. Married to Olene Tyrell
Black vulture with a pink infant in its claws on yellowBlackmont/ Lady Larra, accompanies Oberyn Martell to King's Landing
Vairy green and blackBlacktyde, Ser Baelor, killed by Euron Crow's Eye for failing to acknowledge him as King
Flock of ravens on scarlet surrounding a dead weirwood upon a black escutcheonRaventree Hall/ Lord Tytos, sworn to Riverrun. Last Stark loyalist to surrender his castle
Maple leaves, green and brown, strewn on a field of yellowUnknown/ Zhoe, widow of Tytos Frey
Red bend sinister between two black porcupines on green/ Ser Boros of the KingsguardUnknown/ Ser Boros, of the Kingsguard
Vairy orange and blue; upon a black canton, a golden stag beneath an orange bend sinisterUnknown/ Ser Herbert, killed in the Battle of the Blackwater fighting for Stannis
Red flayed man on pink/ RooseDreadfort/ Lord Roose, Warden of the North, formerly sworn to House Stark
White spider crab on grey-greenBreakwater/ Lord Godric, Lord of Sweetsister
Shoal of silver fish on pale greenLordsport/ Lord Tristifer, childhood lover of Asha Greyjoy
Red stallion upon a golden escutcheon on brownStone Hedge/ Lord Jonos, of the Riverlands
Purple unicorn on silverHornvale/ Lord Andros, chief bannerman of House Lannister, drowned at the Battle of the Camps
Silver helm crested with a sprig of broom on black and green checksUnknown/ Ser Benedict, master-at-arms at Casterly Rock
Bear paw, brown on white, within a double tressure brownBrownhollow/ Ser Lothor, loyal guard of Lord Petyr
UnknownDyre Den/ Lord Eustace, of Crackclaw Point
Three brass buckles on blueBronzegate/ Lord Ralph, originally sworn to Storm's End, now sworn to the Iron Throne
Rack of golden antlers on vairAntlers/ Ser Jarmen, of the Night's Watch, commander of the scouts in the Great Ranging. Survives the Battle of the Fist of the First Men
Bull's skull, bone on bloodBlackcrown/ Black Jack, ranger of the Night's Watch. Killed by the Weeper
White knife in a blue pile on whiteUnknown/ Unspecified, one of the northern mountain clans sworn to Stannis.
Green fess embattled on whiteUnknown/ Ser 'Big' Ben, sworn to Renly, and participant in the wager to claim Brienne's maidenhood
Gyronny white and black, a silver axe on greenUnknown/ Ser Balman, husband of Falyse. Killed by Bronn in a duel
Fretty blue on white, three silver fish on a blue chiefUnknown/ Ser Jacelyn, Commander of the City Watch, killed by his own men at the Battle of the Blackwater
Field of black nightingales on yellowNightsong (former)/ Lord Bryce, formerly of Renly's Rainbow Guard. Slain at the Battle of the Blackwater
Ten white wolf head on greyUnknown/ Rodrik, master-at-arms at Winterfell. Betrayed and murdered by Ramsay Snow
Yellow centaur with bow on whiteBitterbridge/ Lord Lorent, sworn to House Tyrell
Red crabs on whiteClaw Isle/ Lord Ardrian, formerly sworn to Stannis. Captured at the Battle of the Blackwater
Battle-axe on silverCerwyn/ Lord Cley, sworn to Winterfell. Betrayed and murdered by Ramsay Snow
Three sprigs of mistletoe, green and red, on gold within a green borderUnknown/ Ser Andrey, sworn to House Frey. Slain during the War of the Five Kings by Lannister forces
Green hand on a gold escutcheon on a green field, a border of red rayonneGreenshield/ Ser Moribald, slain by Euron Crow's Eye's ironborn in the Battle of the Shield Islands
Three golden bendlets enhanced on whiteUnknown/ Lord 'Little' Lucos, sworn to Stannis
Three black dogs on yellowClegane's Keep/ Ser Gregor, also known as 'The Mountain' or 'The Mountain that Rides'
Silver codfish on blackUnknown/ 'Left- Hand' Lucas, longship captain loyal to Euron Crow's Eye
Blue pall with white borders on redColdwater Burn/ Lord Royce, of the Vale. Sworn to Runestone
Ten black pellets on scarletUnknown/ Will, an exile serving with the Golden Company
Eagle's head between crossed tridents, red on whiteUnknown/ Ser Kyle, of the North. In service to House Cerwyn
Two griffins combatent countercharged on red and whiteGriffin's Roost/ Lord Jon, former hand of King Aerys II. Exiled by the King.
Three black ravens in flight holding three red hearts, on whiteHeart's Home/ Ser Lyn, a renowned knight of the Vale, secretly loyal to Littlefinger
Silver chalice on black, a black rose on yellowThree Towers/ Aemon, of the Reach, a singer chosen to sing at Joffrey's wedding
UnknownSaltpans/ Ser Quincy, of the Riverlands. Locked himself in his castle during the raid on Saltpans
UnknownWhispers/ 'Nimble' Dick. Accompanied Brienne on her quest to find Sansa. Killed by Shagwell.
Brindled boar on brownCrakehall/ Ser Lyle, known as Strongboar. Accompanies Ser Jaime to Riverrun.
Golden cranes on pale blueRed Lake/ Ser Parmen, known as 'the Purple'. A former member of Renly's Rainbow Guard
Six yellow sunflowers on blueSunhouse/ Ser Emmon, formerly of Renly's Rainbow Guard. Slain by Ser Loras in a fit of rage
Lemons strewn on purpleLemonwood/ Ser Andrey, known as 'Drey', friend of Arianne Martell
Black plowman on brownDarry/ Ser Lyman, a boy of eight, the last trueborn heir through the male line. Killed by Ser Gregor
Falling star and white sword crossed on lilacStarfall/ Ser Arthur, known as 'The Sword of the Morning'. A renowned member of King Aerys II's Kingsguard.
Forked purple lightning on black fieldBlackhaven/ Ser Beric, known as 'The Lightning Lord'. Former leader of the Brotherhood Without Banners
Bone hand, white on redOld Wyk/ Lord Dunstan, tried and failed to claim the Seastone Chair at the kingsmoot
Two rusted longaxes with black shafts crossed, a black crown between their points, on yellowBarrow Hall/ Lady Barbrey, widow of Lord Willam, who died at the Tower of Joy. She attends the wedding of Ramsay to 'Arya'
Yellow sun, white crescent moon, and silver star on blue chief above whiteUnknown/ Ser Vardis, captain of the guards at the Eyrie. Slain by Bronn in a trial by combat
Golden heron, beaked and gammed black, standing with a silver fish in its beak, on pinkUnknown/ Lady Joyeuse, the eighth and current wife of Lord Walder
Yellow haystack on orangeHaystack Hall/ Lord Sebastion, of the Stormlands. Supports Renly as King before switching to Stannis
Green sea turtle on greenGreenstone/ Lord Eldon, an old man of seventy. Supports Renly as King before switching to Stannis
Green saltire between four red double-headed eagles on whiteWyndhall/ Lord Regenard, of the Westerlands. Captured at the Battle of the Whispering Wood
Three silver ships on blue, a border of crimson and goldFaircastle/ Jeyne, childhood friend of Cersei who accompanies her to the tent of Maggy the Frog
Two knights combatant with swords, counter-charged purple on whiteUnknown/ Ser Godry, known as the Giantslayer, loyal to Stannis
UnknownSealskin Point/ Lord Triston, of the Iron Islands
Black longship, outlined against the setting sun, dark red on orangeLonely Light/ Lord Gylbert, puts his name forth at the kingsmoot, but his claim is dismissed quickly
White crescent moon in the first on black above a green field, a sprucetree line betweenFelwood/ Lord Harwood, loyal to Stannis, dies on the march to Winterfell
Grey stone hand upon a white inverted pall on paly black and greyWidow's Watch/Flint's Finger/ Ser Robin, slain at the Red Wedding
Red fox in a circle of blue flowers on ermineBrightwater Keep/ Lady Selyse, wife of Stannis
Fool's cap of red and white with silver bells in a gold canton, gyronny of twelve red and whiteUnknown/ Dick, known as 'Deaf Dick', a member of the Night's Watch
Copper dagger across a black chevron on whiteNightsong (current)/ Lord Philip, granted Nightsong after the Battle of the Blackwater
Red apple on goldCider Hall/ Ser Tanton, sworn to Renly, then Stannis, before bending the knee to Joffrey
Green apple on goldNew Barrel/ Ser Jon, sworn to Renly, then Stannis, before bending the knee to Joffrey
Blue hooded hawk on silverSkyreach/ Lord Franklyn, known as 'The Old Hawk', of Dorne
Two blue towers on silver-greyThe Twins/ Lord Walder, organizer of the Red Wedding
Red cockatrice with black snake in beak on goldSalt Shore/ Lord Tremond, accompanies Oberyn Martell to King's Landing
Mailed silver fist on scarletDeepwood Motte/ Lord Galbart, one of the chief Northern lords
Blue wavy bend on goldUnknown/ Lord Lymond, present at the Red Wedding, but pardoned by the Iron Throne
Black warhorn on redHammerhorn/ Lord Gorold, of Great Wyk, a chief lord of the Iron Islands
Nine yellow trefoils on a black cross on ermineUnknown/ Ser Gerald, sworn to Stannis. Helps Davos smuggle Edric Storm out of Dragonstone
SigilHouseSeat/ Notable Member
The Mother's face upon white pale wavy dividing a brown fieldHolyhall/ Lady Alyce, of the Reach. She is pregnant when she comes to King's Landing with Margaery
Burning tower in yellow, within a black pile, upon flaming redGulltown/ Lord Gerold, of the Vale, friend to Petyr Baelish
Black sleeping lion on yellowGrandview/ Lord Hugh, known as 'Greybeard', declared for Renly, then Stannis
Double tressure white on greenGreenfield/ Ser Preston, a member of King Robert's Kingsguard, slain during the riot at King's Landing
Three red martlets on white bend, on blueUnknown/ Ser Desmond, master-at-arms at Riverrun
Golden kraken on blackPyke/ Theon, ward at Winterfell. Later betrays Robb and is tortured by Ramsay Snow
Longships surrounding iron escutcheon with silver studsGrimston/ Lord Guthor, of the Shield Islands, now held captive in his own keep
Black pitchfork on a golden bar sinister on russetUnknown/ Ser Leslyn, lost half an ear capturing Greatjon Umber during the Red Wedding
3 blue moons, on a white bend, on blueUnknown/ Ronnel, a ranger of the Night's Watch, and one of the few survivors to make it back from the Great Ranging
Field of red and white diamondsUnknown/ Ser Harrold, known as 'Harry the Heir', as he stand to inherit the Vale should Lord Robert die. He is betrothed to Sansa
Silver scythe on blackTen Towers/ Lord Rodrik, known as 'The Reader', uncle to Theon and Asha of the Iron Islands
Three red hart's heads caboshed on a white bend on vairUnknown/ Ser Elwood, fought for Joffrey in the Battle of the Blackwater
White bend cotised on purpleUnknown/ Ser Bonifer, known as 'the Good', Captain of the Holy Hundred, a group of soldiers sworn to the Faith of the Seven
White sea birds strewn on a blue fieldUnknown/ Bellena, wife of Ser Hosteen Frey
Green fretty over gold, a green pale wavyHayford/ Lady Ermesande, a babe, and the last of her line. Betrothed to Tyrek Lannister before he disappears in the riot of King's Landing
Oak spoon within a white cartouche on orange and black lozengyUnknown/ Melara, accompanied Cersei to see Maggy the Frog, and later drowned in a well
Oaken escutcheon studded with iron, a field bendy of undulating blue and whiteOakenshield/ Lord Humfrey, of the Shield Islands. Captured by Euron Greyjoy when his castle is taken
White tower crowned with flames on smoke greyHightower/ Lord Leyton, known as the Old Man of Oldtown
UnknownSow's Horn/ Ser Roger, who encounters Jaime in his campaign to end the seige of Riverrun
Barry red and pink, three golden crowns on a blue chiefUnknown/ Ser Dontos, Sansa's friend and ally before being murdered by Littlefinger
Brown bullmoose with black antlers on orangeHornwood/ Lady Donella, forced to marry Ramsay Snow, then starved to death. It is said she ate her fingers
Three moths on chevron engrailed grey and boneUnknown/ Ser Richard, Stannis's second-in-command during his Northern campaign
Brown deer, bound and slung on a pole, on whiteUnknown/ Ser Hyle, accompanies Brienne on her journey to find Sansa. He proposes to her, but is rejected
Five silver arrows on brownLongbow Hall/ Ser Harlan, who murdered his father Lord Eon, and accused his brother Gilwood of the crime
Bend sinister, checked black and white, on pale greyUnknown/ Ser Owen, tried to win the bet to take Brienne's maidenhood by force, and was knocked into a campfire
Inverted pall between three lion's heads, yellow on blackUnknown/ Lord Antario, of the Westerlands. Captured at the Battle of Oxcross until eventually freed at the end of the war
Golden quill on checkered dark and light greenThe Tor/ Lady Myria, of Dorne. Delays Ser Balon on his way to Sunspear
White sunburst on blackKarhold
The storm god's cloudly hand, pale grey, yellow lightning flashing from the fingertips, on blackUnknown
Four sunbursts countercharged on quartered orange and blackKayce
Black kettle on redUnknown
Brown fret on whiteUnknown
Gold lion on crimsonCasterly Rock
Golden inverted pile on sky blue with a yellow sunGolden Tooth
Three black thunderbolts on orangeUnknown
Three brown pinecones on white and greenUnknown
Two large pink lips on a dark blue fieldUnknown
Bronze crossed keys on a white pale on purpleOldcastle
Black manticore on white, beneath a crimson chief with three gold coinsUnknown
Black talon over orange and white gyronnyLychester
White badger on per pale green and brownDeep Den
Green serpents on a black fieldSnakewood
Six white mullets on violetUnknown
Silver eagle on indigoSeagard
White merman holding a black trident, on a blue-green fieldNew Castle (of White Harbor)
White skull crowned with gold on blackKingsgrave
Burning tree, orange on smokeAshemark
Ten frogs, green on yellowUnknown
Red sun pierced by a golden spear on orangeSunspear
Triple spiral; red, green and blue, on whiteStonedance
Border of flowers on greenGrassfield Keep
Twining waterspouts, green on whitePebbleton Tower
Golden horn of plenty on a white field bordered in goldLongtable
White great horned owl on greyMistwood
Pine tree covered with snow in a pale green pile, on whiteUnknown
Three bronze spearheads on whiteUnknown
Red salmon on white, a gold tressureMaidenpool
Russet and greenUnknown
Black bear in a green woodBear Island
Black crow on greenCrow's Nest
Black-and-orange butterflies on whiteUplands
Spotted tree cat, yellow and black, on mud brownUnknown
Ten nooses black on white with a border of bloodUnknown
UnknownHag's Mire
Cross embattled, black on whiteUnknown
Six green thistles on yellowUnknown
Flight of flaming arrows rising bendwise on a blue fieldUnknown
Three green oak leaves on goldOld Oak
Dark green pines strewn closely together on yellowOrkmont
Twining red-and-white snakes on blackUnknown
Golden coins, checkered purple and whiteUnknown
Three black castles on orangeStarpike
Pea pod burst open, green on whitePoddingfield
Ten mullets, purple on yellowUnknown
White crossed quills on russetParchments
Dancing pink maiden in a swirl of white silk, on bluePinkmaiden
Three purple rondels on goldUnknown
Blue plate on white, with a grey tressureUnknown
Red ox on ermineFeastfires
Three black scorpions on redSandstone
White ram's head with golden horns on redUnknown
Red castle on a white fieldRedfort
SigilHouseSeat/ Notable Member
Burgundy grape cluster on blueThe Arbor
Black lizard-lion on grey-greenGreywater Watch
Two-headed horse, brown, on a field of wavy greenHarroway Tower
Three red chevronels on ermineRosby
Golden tree on silverGoldengrove
Black iron studs on bronze, bordered with runeRunestone
Orange bend engrailed on blackUnknown
Weeping willow, green on whiteWillow Wood
Two black warhammers crossed on a white saltire on blueDun Fort
Black horse's head, eyes and mane red, on bronzeRills
Nine-headed serpent, black on silverSaltcliffe
Spotted leopard with golden axe, on blue and whiteSpottswood
Green arrow on white bend on greenSarsfield
Black ship with onion sail, on pale greyUnknown (of Cape Wraith)
Three stalks of yellow wheat on brownHarvest Hall
Peacock in his pride on creamSilverhill
White rose upon a red escutcheon upon whiteSouthshield
Field of copper nails on blueSmithyton
Three golden wings, bendwise, on checkered white and blackGull Tower
Nine white seagulls on a field of brownUnknown (of Gulltown)
Pale grey, a double tressure whiteBlackpool
Bloody spear, gold on blackHarrenhal (formerly)
Six brown acorns on yellowAcorn Hall
Oak saltire on blueUnknown (of Great Wyk)
Three pepperpots on a saffron bend, upon green and silver stripesCastamere
Crossed black spears on checkered silver and goldUnknown
Black dagger piercing a red heart on whiteBroad Arch
Grey direwolf, on a white fieldWinterfell
White lamb holding a golden goblet on greenStokeworth
Black brazier on a grey masonry fieldUnknown (of Old Wyk)
Bare stone tree, grey on blackUnknown (of Harlaw)
Chevrony russet and goldGoldgrass
Flying pigUnknown
Three women's heads, white with black hair, on blue and greenUnknown (of Sisterton)
A drowned man, pink and pale, floating as fish nibble at his limbsSaltcliffe
Seven golden seven-pointed stars in a ring on whiteSweetport Sound
Battling swans black and whiteStonehelm
Blue rooster on yellowCornfield
Three sentinel trees, green on brownTorrhen's Square
Red three-headed dragon on blackRed Keep (formerly)
Striding red huntsman on greenHorn Hill
Yellow suns and white crescents on rose and azureEvenfall Hall
Scourge of nettles, red and black, on whiteUnknown (of Orkmont)
Nine stars upon a gold saltire on blackNinestars
Bronze disk on a field of white, surrounded by flamesUnknown
Silver flail on red within a black border rayonneUnknown
Green dragon biting its tail on goldGhost Hill
Pily grey and blackGrey Glen
Hanged man, black on blueGallowsgrey
Leaping trout, silver, on a field of blue and redRiverrun
Nine strawberries on a white saltire, on green and red vairy in pointNone
Golden rose on greenHighgarden
Rayonne yellow over crimsonHellholt
Roaring giant breaking chains on redLast Hearth
Three black leopards standing on a yellow pile on orangeVaith
Green dragon on white, a white tower on black; quarteredAtranta
Black dragon on white, two golden eyes in a golden ring on black; quarteredWayfarer's Rest
White weasel on erminesUnknown
Silver seahorse on sea greenDriftmark
Red boar's head on white, beneath a gold bend sinister a silver lion rampant regardant with a forked tailUnknown
Black leviathin on a grey seaVolmark
Black toad on white lily pad, on greenUnknown
Silver wyvern within a red double tressure on sableDarkdell
Four wheels countercharged on quartered field blue and whiteUnknown
Black broken wheel on greenIronoaks
Five black roundels on grey over green and white Unknown
Two golden trumpets crossed on blue, a gold chief with three black stagsUnknown
Six white seashells on sandThe Crag
Nine black bats on yellowHarrenhal (formerly)
UnknownWeeping Town
Three silver longswords crossed on black beneath a dragonbone skeleton on a white chiefUnknown
Three white hedgehogs on yellowUnknown
Red pall on a field of oakUnknown
Three woolsacks, white on purple, a white borderUnknown
Three wooden buckets, brown on blue, with a border of grey and white checksUnknown
Black adder biting a heel on yellowWyl
Blue-green maelstrom on goldRain House
Bloody moon on purpleIron Holt
Grey squirrel on white with red borderUnknown
Two bronze halberds crossed between four red diamonds, on whiteUnknown
Golden longbow on white between two crimson flaunchesUnknown
Black portcullis grill over sandYronwood

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