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GEOGRAPHY: Transnistria is a strip of land on the Dniester, and has been a breakaway province of what country since 1990?
ENTERTAINMENT: The painters of 'Girl With a Pearl Earring' and 'Self-Portrait with Straw Hat' were both from this country.
SCIENCE: Tycho Brahe helped compile the most accurate astronomical tables before the invention of the telescope. He hailed from what country?
HISTORY: Greece has objected to what bordering country's name, and supports adding a geographical description like 'Northern' to the present name?
LITERATURE: 'A Doll's House' is the most famous play by Henrik Ibsen, who hailed from which country?
SPORTS: What is the only country to win medals at the Winter Olympics, but never in the Summer Olympics?
LANGUAGE: Latin is considered an official language of what country?
JUST FOR FUN: This country's name is a homophone with a tree, and a 'Hill' in a musical act.
RELIGION: Although better known for her founding the Missionaries of Charity and her work in India, Mother Teresa hails from what country?
MOVIES: 'The Pianist,' starring Adrien Brody, took place in the World War II era of which country?
TELEVISION: The main Texas city in the series 'Heroes' shares its name with the fifth-largest city in what country?
MUSIC: This country has hosted the second-most Eurovision contests, only trailing its single neighbor.
GAMING: The famous chess championship match in 1972 between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky took place in which country?
MISCELLANEOUS: This country contains two unique two-letter combinations: SN and RZ.
HOLIDAY: The 5th of November commemorates a famous 'gunpowder plot' in 1605 in which country?
GEOGRAPHY: This country's coat of arms features Mount Triglav, its highest point, as well as three golden stars above it.
ENTERTAINMENT: Alfa Romeo, Abarth, and Lancia are all car brands from this country.
SCIENCE: The Large Hadron Collider at CERN is located near Geneva in which country?
HISTORY: This country's flag contains the George Cross, the second-highest designation in the UK honor system, which was awarded to the entire nation in 1942.
LITERATURE: In 'Candide', the Grand Inquisitor hails from this country's capital.
SPORTS: NFL coach Bill Belichick and the parents of NBA player Andrew Bogut are of what country's descent?
LANGUAGE: Residents of this country call it 'Suomi'.
JUST FOR FUN: You can find a 'TV' in the middle of this country.
RELIGION: A landmark in this country's largest city has been a basilica and a mosque, and is currently a museum.
MOVIES: The animated movie that is based on a Victor Hugo work and features Quasimodo and Esmeralda takes place in which country?
TELEVISION: The navigator on the original Star Trek series was of which country?
MUSIC: Piano composer Franz Liszt is a native of which country lying on the Danube?
GAMING: Sootopolis City, in the Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire games, is based off the city of Santorini in which country?
MISCELLANEOUS: This is the only country in Europe to contain alternating O's.
HOLIDAY: 'Galician Literature Day' is a public holiday in this country.

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