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Surgeon/Matthew Fox
Lottery Winner/Jorge Garcia
Con-Man/Josh Holloway
Iraqi National Guard/Naveen Andrews
Former Parapalegic/Terry O'Quinn
Son of a Fisherman/Daniel Dae Kim
Daughter of Business Tycoon/Yunjin Kim
Fugitive/Evangeline Lilly
Former Heroin Addict/Dominic Monaghan
Mother with Darkness/Emilie De Ravin
Priest/Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Physicist/Jeremy Davies
Former Scottish Royal Guard/Henry Ian Cusick
Ghost Whisperer/Ken Leung
Anthropologist/Rebecca Mader
Father and Spy/Harold Perrineau
Special Son/Malcolm David Kelley
Pilot/Jeff Fahey
Protector of Step-Sister/Ian Somerhalder
Dancer/Maggie Grace
Police/Michelle Rodriguez
Psychiatrist/Cynthia Watros
Bounty Hunter/Zuleikha Robinson
Stubborn Wife/L. Scott Caldwell
Worried Husband/Sam Anderson
Master Manipulator/Michael Emerson
Advisor of Others/Nestor Carbonell
Fertility Doctor/Elizabeth Mitchell
Bearded Other/M.C. Gainey
Executed Daughter/Tania Raymonde
Infiltrator and Doctor/William Mapother
One-Eyed Soviet/Andrew Divoff
Imprisoned Boyfriend/Blake Bashoff
Temple Protector/Hiroyuki Sanada
Translator/John Hawkes
Infiltrated Tailies/Brett Cullen
Exiled Leader of Others/Alan Dale
Head Mercenary/Kevin Durand
Leader of Freighter Squad/Marsha Thomason
Constant, Daughter and Lover/Sonya Walger
Lamppost Keeper/Fionnula Flanagan
Dharma Scientist/Francois Chau
Dharma Goon/Patrick Fischler
Head of Dharma/Doug Hutchison
Dharma Workman/Jon Gries
Dharma Head of Swan/Eric Lange
Smoke Monster/Titus Welliver
Former French Scientist/Mira Furlan
Alcoholic Surgeon/John Terry
Buried Alive/Kiele Sanchez
Buried Alive/Rodrigo Santoro
Stewardess/Kimberly Joseph
US Marshal/Fredric Lehne
Blonde Son/William Blanchette
Science Teacher/Daniel Roebuck
Sayid's Former Lover/Andrea Gabriel
Father and Con-Man/Kevin Tighe
Protector and Enforcer/Brad William Henke
Mystical Protector of Island/Mark Pellegrino

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