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To distribute scarce resourcesA
Exchanging goods and services without moneyB
Person who eats a lot of foodC
Stockholders get paid a _________D
What class are we in?E
A business that pays another business to use their latter name and productF
An object that people purchaseG
Employees are ______ resourcesH
Sharing is caringI
Artie's carBonus Point J
Cereal brandK
If you break the ___ , you go to jailL
Opposite of macroeconomicsM
______ ________ are things such as trees, water, and coal.N
Multiple sellers control the marketO
Inventions need a _____P
Workers sometimes must meet a ______Q
Human, natural, capital ________R
Limited amount of a resourceS
There is a ___ on imported goods.T
The amount of capital something is worthV
Payments to employeesW
A noble gas that rhymes with penonBonus Point X
Income earnedY
Restrictions on where structures can be placedZ

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