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Forced Order
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Pickup QuoteTrinketExtra
Wealth of wealth
Blub blub!
Dead friend
Speed up
There's something inside
It glows with power
Your feet feel stronger
Eternal life?
Wealth of health
Faith up
Revenge from beyond
It's broken
Imaginary friend
Well, that's not coming off
Tastes like burning
Piercing shots
Consume thy enemy
It stinks
The left hand path reaps dark rewards
Zip zoop!
Woop woop!
Your rage grows
I remember these
Pickup QuoteTrinketExtra
Touch fuzzy, get dizzy!
Faith's reward
Challenge up
Don't swallow it
Wiggle wiggle!
Yay, cancer!
Wealth of gas
Wealth of answers
Luck of the draw
Wub wub!
Payment received
Trickle charge
Fetal protection
It feels lucky?
May you see your destination
It calls out to its brothers
It emanates purity
Wealth of chaos
Poison shots
Wish granted
DMG up
It kinda works
Master of lockpicking
Evil up
Luck up!

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