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Forced Order
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Pickup QuoteItemExtra
HP + tears up + shot speed down
My Xmas present
Flame on
Mirrored buddy
Reroll the basics
Mass room damage
Temporary demon form
Flight + HP up
Temporary psychic shot
Golden touch
Building bridges
It's time you learned how
Tears up + splash damage
You feel refreshed and protected
Sticky feet...
Toxic blood
DMG up + range
Card mimic
Curse up
Soul converter
Conjoined friend
He's greedy
Speed + shot speed up
Soul generator
Penetrative shot + speed up
Charge shots
Better pills
Magnetic tears
He accepts your offering
Mass enemy damage at a cost
Range Up
Protect it
Lose your head
Controlled tears
Big Beautiful Fly
Toot on command
Boomerang tears
Temporary DMG up
HP up x3!
My life savings
Temporary flight
Reusable level skip
Tears Up
Random buddy
Poison damage
Near sighted friend
Shot speed down + DMG up
Fear shot
Gives bombs
Swing it
Cross tears
Toxic aura tears
HP up + you feel protected
Scape goat
Pay to play
Infested friend
+25 coins
DMG down + tears way up
Mega tears
Flight eternal
Flight + holy death
Demon wings
Sticky friend
Sin up
Reroll into something else
Friends 'till the end
Reusable eternity
Quicker charge
Reusable flame
Reusable ranged bomb
Attack buddy
Attack fly
An out-of-body experience
Evil up. Your enemies will pay!
Gotta meat 'em all!
DMG + HP up
Eye in the back of your head
Short range mega tears
Double shot buddy
Projectile protection
Poison touch
Fat protector
Convert your soul
Reusable card generator
1+1 bombs
Opens all doors...
Shielded tears
Piercing Shots
Faith up
Infestation shot
Pickup QuoteItemExtra
It hurts so good +5 Bombs
Cursed charge shot
Temporary badass
HP up + speed down + you feel stompy
Spectral tears
Friends 'til the bzzzttt
Tears + shot speed up
It's a box of spiders
Gotta lick 'em all!
Penetrative shot + damage up
More options
Gamble 24/7
Reusable regeneration
Curse immunity + evil up
$$$ = DMG
Luck Up
Remote bomb detonation
Krampus rage
It will never leave you
Sticky babies
DMG + Challenge Up
Poison bombs
Kills heal
Extra protection
Filled with goodies
Syntax error
The ol' ball and chain
Toot on touch
On-demand air strike
Daddy's love
My fate protects me
Giant spiders and flies
Shot speed + damage up
We worked out all the kinks
Speed and range up
Full visible map
Speed up + size down
Blood sucker
Immortal friend
Controlled friend
Damage resistance
They grow inside
Reusable pill generator
HP + luck up
She loves you
Reusable soul protection
Double shot
I feel all
Tears up + knock-back shots
Reusable tear burst
Rainbow tears
Revenge fly
You feel guarded
Sworn protector
Blood laser barrage
Speed down + rage is building
9 lives
You feel blessed
Reusable air strike
Holy white death
Speed up
Sweet suffering
Stab stab stab
HP up + regen
Toxic blast +5 bombs
All stats up!...and then shuffled
What's all this...?
Flight + Dash attack
Evil + range + shot speed up
Portable blood bank
The end is near
Extra life
Mass fear
Turdy touch
Burning blast +5 bombs
Orbiting tears + range up
Wealth... but at what cost?
Item snatcher
Temporary Man-Pac
? ?
You feel balanced
Poison tears
DMG up + speed up
Flaming tears
I don't remember...
Become the bomb!
Auto-turret friend
Temporary enemy slowdown
Feel my pain
I've seen everything
99 bombs
Extra card room
Fire rate up
Mass enemy slowdown + damage
Pickup QuoteItemExtra
You feel stumped
You feel itchy...
Flight + spectral tears
All stats up
HP up + you feel healthy
I think it's broken
Gives kisses
Rerolls enemies
Collected tears
Temporary buddy generator
Evil up + DMG up + fear shot
10 bombs
Reusable bomb buddy
Stores energy
Explosive thoughts
Holy shield
50% off
Invincibility at a cost
Split shot
Eternal life?
Spectral buddy
Toxic splash damage
Reusable knock-back
Psychic friend
Homing bombs
Quad shot
Mongo friend
It's still being tested...
I see my future
Sweet revenge
I am all
It's a mystery
Evil up
Anti-gravity tears + tears up
Item martyr
+2 hearts
Triple shot
You have been blessed
Tear blast +5 Bombs
Fly love
Damage reduction
Homing shots
Reusable fly hive
Shot speed up
Concussive tears
Temporary invincibility
Ultimate grand supreme
DMG + tears up
Protective buddy
Save your life
Gives money
Tooth shot
Reusable evil
Bloody friend
Fear him
Slow effect
Less is now more +2 keys
Let's slow this down a bit
Charge with blood
Rocks don't stand a chance
He wants to take your life
Reroll your destiny
We all float down here...
Evil friend
Charged attack
Extra pill room
Laser tears
Ramming speed
Summon Monstro
Spider revenge
Cut and run
Charm tears
More trinket room
Bouncing tears
1+1 free 4evar!
Freeze effect
I know all
Homing shots + DMG up
Fate chosen
Your friends rule!
Summon bombs
Trail of tears
99 keys
Blast damage
Reusable item generator
Explosive shots
God tears
See-through doors

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