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Forced Order
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A proprietorship which produced the Fundamental Orders
Areas just of farms
Saved Jamestown with motto 'He who will not work shall not eat.'
Boards set up to regulate colonial commerce
The idea of giving one's self to work for 7 years in exchange for land
Travelers on the Mayflower
Colony granted to William Penn
Revolution in England which replaced James II with William and Mary
The agreement made on the Mayflower
Upper Education
Disease the Europeans were carriers of
A war between Pokanokets and the white colonists
Literally 'Between Kings'
People of dark skin tone
Puritan group which seperated from the church
Internal wars in England which the Puritans won
Name for King William's War in England
Modern manifestation of Whitefield's preaching
Region connected to Russia via the Bering Straight
People believing in the power of one person
Area around Chesapeake Bay
Gift from Charles II to a couple friends
Almanack written by Ben Franklin
French Protestants
Ruthless Spanish conquerors
Puritans who wanted to reform the Anglican Church from within
Leader of The Great Puritan Migration
First cash crop introduced to Jamestown
Era before Columbus discovered the New World
Sponsor of Roanoke Settlement
Legislatures with two bodies
System of owning a person, generally from Africa
Usually considered first written constitution in British North America
Small effort of New England colonies to conglomerate
Religion started to purify the church
Carolina settled by descendents of the settlers of Barbados
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Labor intensive crop (starts with r)
Another name for French and Indian War
Self-made and self-educated man
Northern region of colonies
A helpful tax on imports
Military Style courts made to try violations of the Navigation Acts
Grants to settlers settling in lands conquered by conquistadores guaranteeing authority over Native AmericansI think this one is really important
Indigenous people of the Americas
Carolina settled by Virginians
Minister in Salem Bay that taught controversial topics
Lord Protector of England
Prominent proponent of antinomianism
Group of investors who purchase the right to a colony in the New World
A Pokanoket that spoke English and acted as translator for the Pilgrims
Explorer who 'discovered' the New World in 1492
Preacher who preached emotionalism and spirituality
Another name for Roanoke Colony
Laws eventually made to hold blacks down
The first and one of the most successful slave rebellions
People believing that power stems from God and not from the governed
Proprietory colony which split in two
Landing spot of the Mayflower
Wave of religious revivalism
Labor intensive crop (starts with i)
Colony owned privately usually as a gift from the King
War between Massachusetts Bay Colony and the Pequots
Middle region of colonies
Jamestown 1609-1610 when conditions were poor
Leader of a colony appointed by king or proprietor
Another name for the Stono Uprising
Large and powerful colony started by Congregationalists
Famous witch hunt
Shipping route that brought slaves to America
Trade route Middle Passage was part of
Widespread exchange of plants, animals, foods, diseases, and ideas between the Old World and the New World
Name mistakenly given to Native Americans
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Southern region of colonies
The Bay bordering Maryland and Virginia
Colony in Virginia
War against French and Native Americans on the Canadian border
Native inhabitants of the Connecticut Valley
Joint-stock company which founded Jamestown
Another name for Salutary Neglect
Edict which provided for religious tolerance of Huguenots
A personal connection with God
System where settlers were given land
Acts that infringed seriously on American trade
Attempt by Puritans to reinvigorate attendance
Large war waged in colonial North America
Proprietorship Catholic haven
'Invincible' Spanish navy
Colony owned by the crown
Colony that absorbed New Holland
Theory that a nation's power was based on its wealth
Ship carrying Pilgrims
Labor intensive crop (starts with t)
Act in Maryland that protected most Christians
Local tribes that helped Jamestown
Hard currency, such as gold coins
Virginia House in which any property-owning white male could vote
Year of Salem Witch Trials
Period of British little interference with colonies
English attempt to clamp down on colonial trade
Rebellion by indentured servants
Preacher famous for graphic depictions of Hell
A law making body responsible for money
Intellectual movement
Frozen strait from Russia to Alaska
Leader of Bacon's Rebellion
Urban areas

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